Winter 2017 Outfit Inspiration/Spicy Mustard Trend

Hi Guys!

If you happened to read my latest post, written by the talented Samantha Braddy, you'll notice how this new blog post has everything to do with it. Also, my future fashion X music posts as well. As our winter is finally coming to a close (Hooray!), we've brought you all of the highlights in terms of colours for this season. And what more relevant outfit ideas and looks could I come up with for you all than those below. It can become a bit of a drag having to figure out what to pull from our wardrobes day in and day out for work and related casualties. So, I thought it could come in handy in this final stretch of the season to provide you with ideas of what could be worn together as total looks; Which of course incorporate this season's must have colours for the wardrobe. 

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mercedes benz fashion week australia resort 18

This year was a first for me in terms of attending the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia. Reason being is that Michael and I have recently moved to Sydney, making it possible for myself to attend the event for a first time. I was fortunate to be invited by a selected number of designers given my line of work as a fashion stylist. 


Cette année, j'ai eu l'occasion de participer à ma première Mercedes Benz Fashion Week en Australie. La raison en est que Michael et moi avons récemment déménagés à Sydney, ce qui m'a permis d'assister à l'événement pour une première fois. J'ai eu la chance d'être invité par un certain nombre de designer en raison de mon travail en tant que styliste de la mode.

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heart-shaped box

Hi guys,

I thought this look was just really fun to pair up and I incorporated a couple of new items from Topshop's latest collection (Lilac satin Bomber + Lilac mesh T). Given it is definitely getting colder here, adding my sky blue leg warmers to my favourite BONDS sweatpants just seems completely normal to me although, I am well aware that to some it might not :P



Je me suis amusée à créer ce look en combinant quelques pièces de la nouvelle collection de Topshop, dont le manteau de satin et le T-shirt en maille. Puisqu'il commence à faire un peu plus froid il me semble tout à fait à propos de agencer mes jambières bleu ciel à mes pantalons jogging. Je suis tout à fait au courant que ce qui peut sembler 'normal' en terme d'agencement selon moi peut être tout à fait pas normal pour plusieurs! 

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