About the songs I've chosen for this fashion X music post, I've been listening to Ariana's Sweetener album via Spotify. I love every single song on this album and how incredibly talented this girl is... it. is. surreal. I chose Sweetener because I love the two different vibes that this song has which it has like a slower beat at some points and then it keeps fluctuating back and forth to a more upbeat rhythm. And both are so opposite rhythms and vibes with the slower one being more feminine in her lyrics and singing than the other. And this contradicting style to the song reflected my outfit perfectly I thought. I was in the mood for comfy with my tracksuit and sneakers yet had the pretty jewellery to showcase. I thought this outfit coupled with the necklaces married perfectly well to Sweetener. I'm sorry I could not find a better audio to the link on YouTube, only that it is recent and I'm assuming that's the reason I could not find the full song yet up on Ariana's channel. Feel free to have a listen via your Spotify as well or any other platform you normally would use. While I was listening to her album, I just freaked out over that 40 second recording of Raindrops. I have too much sentiment towards this song, in its original version with the Jersey Boys sining it. I am a massive Jersey Boys fan and this song has always meant so much to me that when I heard Ariana sing it I thought she did more than just justice to it. It was perfection. She sung it incredibly well, again, words won't do justice to how well and relevant her 40 second recording of this song is. I just had to put it in as well I could not wait to make it for a seperate fashion X music post. I really hope you enjoy these as much as I am. They're on a never ending loop on my computer as I'm writing. Excessive, I know. 

Something I really enjoy doing, on my own and/or with girlfriends, is going to the Kirribilli Markets. I totally loose myself every time I go. And I definitely loose sense of time! I think it's such a great way to get to meet local artists and share each other's passions/interests and further promote your artistry. As I was walking around I fell upon this gorgeous jewellery stall owned by Antonia Scales and I fell in love with all of her beautiful pieces. After much pondering and looking at myself try on some of her creations, I decided to walk away with four of her necklaces I just could not part ways with. I absolutely love each one of these golden necklaces as they are very delicate and dainty. I have always preferred my jewellery feminine and dainty and I also think it suits me better than heavier or thicker type jewellery. 

I was diggin' the sunshine on that day provided Spring had literally just sprung on us and thought I could wear a bit of sunshine myself. I kept getting compliments on the shade of that tracksuit which I did not expect, but always nice :) I don't exactly have anything in the mustard yellow tones in my wardrobe and so it convinced me enough to get it when I was scrolling through Asos. We all know how addictive that can get! And again I'm finding myself looking at more tracksuits on Asos as I'm locating this yellow one for you guys to add the direct link down below. Got... to.... stop.. argh! 

A really neat detail with two out of the four necklaces I purchased, as you may have noticed in the above images, is that they are adjustable. You may opt to wear these as a choker or in its lengthier style. Simply pull on the golden heart at one end and your necklace will shorten. I have always been about the details so when I noticed this little golden heart I thought it was a really pretty addition to the necklace. 

Also, I think when you invest in such pieces and choose to add to your jewellery collection, it's wearability factor is always so important to be considered. By wearability factor I mean the amount of usage you can get out of it. Due to their simplistic nature, I can pretty much wear these with anything in my closet, dressed up or down. And it will still look really pretty. As you've seen above, I'll stack my necklaces with my Nike tracksuit and sneakers. And to me this is just as pretty as if I were wearing these necklaces with a dress. So I'm really getting an every day usage out of these pieces which is just what I was after when searching for my next expenditure regarding necklaces. I wanted something I did not have to remove for it's style. I could wear it day in and day out and with practically anything and it would still make sense altogether. Also, because these have a gold finish to them I can wear these everyday, apply my makeup and perfume afterwards atop and I won't have to worry that my necklaces will be tarnishing. And this is something that I'm always looking for when investing in long-term pieces. 

I'm linking Antonia Scales details below for you to go check her beautiful creations and show her some love:

Facebook link

Insta link

PS. Antonia typically notifies or announces wherever she will be setting up her stall in advance for anyone who wants to be sure to meet up and have a closer look at her preciouso metals ;)


Necklaces - Antonia Scales

Tracksuit - Asos

Sneakers - Reebok

Thanks for reading,