I have been desperately trying to find an official link to ariana’s Goodnight n Go song on YouTube but just cannot find it. I’d say Goodnight n Go is my favourite of Sweetener, then again I really love most of her songs from this album that it’s hard to pick one. Do go ahead and listen to Goodnight n Go after you’ve listened to Breathin, as that was the song I intended to use for this blog post. I just did not want to publish an unofficial link. I am literally driving Mick nuts with playing all of her songs on a loop, poor thing. I’m just so obsessed with her voice and the perfection of it. Gargh..! I hope you readers are all doing fabulous and in the mood for some good looking and feeling gym wear inspo. Spring has just sprung so please tell me you are all hitting the gym?!…. Yes? Ever heard of Gymshark? Keep scrolling down for more…


I recently got myself a bunch of different looks from their website. I discovered them via Instagram and to be honest did not think much of the brand or their designs initially. I was watching a Lydia E Millen vlog where she was training at home and wearing a Gymshark outfit. It just looked so flattering on her and was some of my favourite colours that I immediately became interested in the brand. Her outfit was a gorgeous chalk pink and light grey ombre both bottom and top. Gorgeousss! Perhaps it was simply the fact that she was wearing it!… Who knows :p I hopped on their website and looked through absolutely all of their stock. I was also in major need of new and improved gym wear wardrobe so it was good timing. And of course, what started with looking for the same outfit Lydia wore turned out into me purchasing about 5 outfits of which none of these are what she has or what peeked my curiosity in the first place. I’ve decided to shoot the first look that I have from Gymshark I thought some of you might also be interested in.

This look is a good one in that it is entirely black. Hence, you can more easily pair it with any colour of runners, jumper, etc. The top and bottom I’ve mixed and matched together as they are not an outfit on their webpage. I have been wanting a bottom with the mesh combo for some time and could not find a good quality VS price ratio one until I found these ones. And the cro top I fell in love with so I figured I would wear these two pieces together at the gym. If you check out their webpage you will find the matching bottom to this top with a matching elasticated logo and high waistband. They’re nice as well, I might eventually get these just to better match this crop top. But I think I’m set for a while with what I’ve already got. So the leggings have pockets on the side of the legs which are mesh. The fabric is just the right thickness and stretchability. Overall great product I have to admit, I’m quite pleased with it all. And the crop top is quite thick and very stretchy. It really hugs your body in every way all the while being breathable. Up until discovering Gymshark, Lululemon was my go-to for ever in terms of athletic wear. BUT when I tried on Gymshark clothes…. Wow. It was very comparable in terms of comfort and quality, not to mention style. I really really love Gymshark’s designs and style, it’s young, relevant and stylish. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least when trying on their clothes. I had a new favourite brand for my gym wear.

The leggings are currently on sale for $43.40 and nearly sold out so hurry up and grab yourself a pair if you fancy these ones. The crop top link below seems to only hold different colours at the moment. Perhaps black will be back in stock soon so keep peeking at their website.

Flex crop top - Gymshark

Mesh leggings - Gymshark

Sneakers (similar)- Adidas Stella McCartney