the zero waste concept bag

Initially started as a personal project by giving away 100 bags to creatives, designers, and trendsetters to replace plastic bags. The material used is discontinued fabric from a bag manufacturing company. Making this a true zero waste bag for both consumers and the factory. We hope this bag we have created brings value and instant happiness to you and changes the way you think about the environmental problems. - i bag u
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I would like to share with you a fantastic little find I have recently discovered. And I am sure you will appreciate this bag as much as I do and have for the past few weeks. I am so proud to be collaborating with such a project as it is for a good cause. i bag u is a socially minded brand based in Bangkok. These bags are a multi-purpose zero waste concept made by discontinued materials. You could not possible have more eco friendly than this! The bags also come in a wide range of gorgeous colours and knowing me I just had to have mine in bright fuchsia pink.

I personally love how functional the i bag u concept bag is as it has a dual strap situation. There are the shorter hand straps and the longer over-the-shoulder straps as well you have the option to use. I also love how wide it is. It is quite a big bag so much can be fit into it to satisfy any shopping endeavours. Oh, and its folding technique... How neat! It takes up zero space too! If you follow their insta stories you'll notice they have a short video showing step by step how to execute a perfect fold for the bag. Can you tell I love this product :)

What follows are the product details I have taken from their website as I thought it might bare added info which might be useful to you should you be interested in purchasing your own bag. 


Product details

Multi-purpose reusable bag, designed for both men and women. Easy to use and has a simple folding technique.
It can be attached to any shopping trolley with less than one minute set up time. Bring it with you for groceries shopping and keep it as a just in case item in your car. 
Also, an ideal for gym because the material itself is water-resistant making it really easy to clean. The material used is discontinued fabric from a bag manufacturer. Making this a true zero-waste bag for both consumers and the factory.
Carry by the short strap or over your shoulder. 

- Ripped stop PU coated fabric
- Hook and loop straps
- Nylon straps

- Holds up to 7 KG
- Water-resistant
- Durable
- Folds into a size of an A5 paper
- Multiple uses (Grocery, laundry, workout, on-set, etc.)

- 41 x 38 x 32 cm
- Folds in to 10 x 20 x 7 cm

The available colours to this bag are: Paprika Orange, Chili Red, Tarpaulin in white canvas, Forest Green, Fuchsia Pink, Acqua Blue, Lemon Curry, Vino, Silver Sage and Walnut Brown. 

I happen to know these bags are selling like hot cakes so if you think it could be a nice gift to replace that old ugly and half torn eco bag your fried always carries around, then you might want to hurry to their eshop (link below).

The price of one bag varies between $16AUD to $24AUD. I believe it to be fairly priced considering it will last you for quite some time not to mention it is multi-purpose. Just watch out for that shipping fee given the item is shipped from Thailand to Australia, it is a little steep relative to the bag's price point. Again, all eco & reusable things considered, it is well worth it in the end. 


As you can witness by the above pictures, I love how convenient and easy to use the i bag u bag is whenever Mike and I go grocery shopping on the weekends. The bag has these subtle and short velcro straps on its edges so that you may fasten it inside your shopping trolley and have it fixed in place. Also, you don't have to worry about any food products spilling into the bag as you are shopping given the bag is made of a waterproof fabric. I always get excited when I have a chance to fasten my bag inside my trolley when shopping as it is so easy to use and I secretly feel as though I'm a tad bit of the envy of the shop's customers for not having one :P It's genius, I simply add one by one my shopping items inside my bag and as I am retrieving each item from the cashier after they've been scanned at the register I simply place them back into the bag and off I go. No downtime or making the customer next in line wait after me for filling up my multiple eco bags. I no longer need to fuss around retrieving my multiple bags (Because 1 eco bag is typically too tiny to fit all my items) It is the fastening of the bag's wide opening to the inside of the trolley that makes the whole difference and shopping experience so much easier. That extra practicality detail which has been carefully thought of makes my entire shopping experience a tad less stressful. We've all lived it when being rushed by the next customer in line and stressing to swiftly retrieve all our items as you are paying and trying to pry open your eco bags and looking for more bags because the ones you've already filled are too small to begin with. Well, all of these problems are solved with this one bag. The i bag u multi-purpose bag. Mike and I leave it in the boot of our Subaru and this way it is ready at hand every time we go for errands on the weekends. 



You may purchase your very own multi-purpose zero waste bag here. And you may also choose to follow their awesome eco friendly brand on instagram here.