2 simple tips in achieving your bikini body


Hi guys, 

I'm tiredly but comfortably sitting in front of my computer all snuggled up in my fuzzy robe on this cold and very wet Wednesday evening. Mick and I just got back from a quick diner for some good sushi at our favourite local joint in Newtown. Then, a double serve of what was way too much ice cream but oh-so-yummy. I kept going back and forth on what I was going to write about this evening as there are so many different topics of interest I am always keen on writing about. But for tonight I'll keep it short and sweet and discuss a little bit about an important topic of mine; Fitness. As Mick is watching State of Origin on the telly right now, I'm trying to focus on what I am about to write. He's a real bloke who loves his sport! 

Timing is Everything

I was having a chat to a friend of mine this morning and we were discuss working out at the gym and what was the right timing for it depending on your goals. And I was essentially explaining to her that if what she wanted was to achieve that 'bikini body' for the coming summer, then she'd best be starting now to work toward her goals. Alternatively if she were to start worrying about it come summer, it would be too late as it requires a substantial amount of time to get a body looking 'bikini ready'. Of course this is very relative in terms of  your start and end point but if you are aiming to shed a few extra pounds and firm up you should definitely consider getting started on this sooner rather than later. 

two simple tips to helping you achieve your 'bikini body'

Two great tips I can offer you for the moment, which have greatly help me throughout the years are a resistance band and a calorie counter app. I am confident in writing about these as they have both worked great for myself and as a consequence I know it can for many others as well. 

Resistance band

It is the cheapest and easiest tool to help you do a wide range of exercises which can help you tone and firm up your body. It can replace weights and virtually take up no space at home as oppose to owning and needing to store equipment. Just hop on Youtube and find an endless supply of inspiration and exercises to best utilise of your resistance band. And believe me, you will end up breaking a sweat far quicker than you'd imagined. You can buy these for cheap on ebay. 


I am well aware that the calorie counter app is not for everyone and many are opposed to it for various reasons. And that's okay. The reason I am bringing this up is simply because I can vouch it works and it works very effectively at that as it worked for me. I never used to be attracted to the concept of needing to count my calories and worrying about it everyday and the whole idea behind it deterred me for the longest time to be honest. It was until I seriously gave it a go a few years back after I had set a goal for myself to shed a few extra pounds I had gained. And this is when I saw how great it worked for myself and my body. My app of choice is MyFitnessPal but you can choose any that you personally prefer as there are now so many of these apps out there. Given that diet was always my weakest point when trying to loose a couple of pounds, calorie counting really helped me stay on track and stay focused on my goals. Having a visual reminder and actively counting down to your weight goal was the easiest and motivating thing. All that remains is your discipline. It worked out great for me and I would recommend it to anybody who was willing to give it a go. The app gives you a simple breakdown of how many calories you are to consume on a daily basis in order to achieve your weight goal by week X, for instance. So I would weigh my portions and the app generates how many calories it sums up to based on the food type you enter and its weight. By doing this day after day you end up having a pretty good idea of how much weight in Kgs your meal is. It quickly becomes routine and habitual. I would sync my Fitbit watch after training to the app and the app would automatically generate a new calorie target for the day , taking into consideration I'd burned extra calories from training/walking/sleeping. Find the free app here

 I hope you find the motivation and discipline to keep fit and active during this cold season.

Stay warm lovelies,