young and beautiful


This song choice makes me dream every single time I play it. I was looking to incorporate a romantic style song to this post just because it has that puristic, delicate, romantic vibe to it all. And my good friend Jennah had proposed I use one of Lana Del Rey's songs for it. I knew straight away it was the perfect choice. The main reason why I'm a fan of this artist is that she manages everytime to make me dream and her music carries me to another plane, a parallel universe, a heaven of some sort. I believe that if a person can truly make you dream and feel something, even if for 30 seconds, they are masters of their craft. I still believe that a huge part to her success in reaching such a broad audience from all over the world is that she manages, through her art of course, to get individuals of all walks of life to dream and to feel something that is so pure it could translate to a form of utopia. At least, that is how I feel when listening to some of her music. And given that the Barracks, which is where we shot this post a the Gunners Barracks, is my special little happy place or form of utopia I could not see any other song a better choice for the images that follow. Oh and its Portuguese manager is just a gem of a fellow musician, always fantastic to have a chat with him. I do hope that you enjoy the pairing of the imagery along the song and that you too feel something beautiful out of it. 


Whenever I'm asked to recommend the best place for high tea, I always recommend the Gunners Barracks only because I really believe it is the best space for such a beautiful experience with your loved ones. Whether it be friends, family or your other half, the Barracks offers the best of the outdoor and indoor seating areas. The scenery is spectacular looking onto the ocean and neighbouring coastlines, the staff is always ready to serve with a smile and the selection of teas and finger food is always a treat. I'm not saying the other venues are not great, only that at Gunners Barracks you truly experience something special. And if you do go, I highly suggest you book a table on the outdoor terrace and experience the nice weather. If you love nature like I do, you will never forget this experience. 

It is such an elegant venue with a rich history behind it that people always dress up going to it. It's always a great excuse to go for a catch up with the girls and justify wearing a pretty dress. I thought to wear this really pretty dress I had bought in the past but never had the right occasion for it until I decided to meet the girls for high tea. It was really perfect for the occasion as it is feminine, white lace with the bell-shaped sleeves made the whole dress romantic. I'm always concerned about wearing white seen as I have such a naturally light complexion but I think it turned alright. And I thought pairing it with a nude coloured handbag and heels would be perfect since I've never personally been a huge fan of white accessories and heels. The nude tones would perfectly break the white colour of the dress but not in such a drastic way, if this makes any sense. 

I do hope you get the chance to go to Gunners Barracks at least once for high tea, if you have not already. It really is an amazing experience. 

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Master of photography @jennahmccann


What I wore/Something similar:

dress - ministry of style

heels - wittner

handbag - prada

ring 1 - pandora

stackable ring 2 - pandora

stackable ring 3 - pandora

stackable ring 4 - pandora

earrings - pandora