reading past-life therapy


I'd love to share with you another great read that I have completed a few years ago. For whatever reason, I thought I might have already included this book in my Epic Must-Reads article or Five Books That Will Change Your Life post I did a while back. Turns out I didn't and I cannot wait to discuss it a little bit you guys. This book is Many Lives, Many Masters, by Dr Brian Weiss. 

This remarkable true story of Psychiatrist Dr Brian Weiss and his patient Catherine delves into past-life, regression and hypnosis therapies to reveal truths on the continuation of life after death and the influence our past life experiences have on our present behaviour. If you are interested in the above-mentioned topics of the spiritual genre, please read on, I promise you will not be disappointed. 

I was highly recommended this read by my 'sister from another mother' I like to call her, my long lost kindred spirit. Her real name; Ria. Now, Ria is not one to be forceful or relentless in her suggestions. And that is why I knew, after she had urged me with a capital U on a couple of occasions to buy myself a copy of Many Lives, Many Masters that I should get on with it and find myself a copy as quickly as possible. Boy am I glad I ever did! 

Now, I have read some mixed reviews on this book from sceptics. I realise this sort of read is not for everyone and this genre might not be for you. And that's totally fine. We are all entitled to our own belief systems and set of practices. However, I personally have always been inclined towards spiritual topics. Part of the reasons I enjoy this genre so much is that there is an infinite pool of analysis which can be done on such a wide range of topics and fundamental truths to our existence. I suppose being excessively curious may help your case. But we never cease to learn and I enjoy the relentless analogies and deep thinking processes I need to undertake with myself when committing to such books. It's mind-opening, inspiring and puts my mind at ease and in peace. I also love how I can sometimes answer my own existential questions, or just making sense of my own person and my life situation by reading these books. In other words, I enjoy trying to solve this great big magic puzzle. And by puzzle, I mean my person, my life situation, those around me I care for deeply and the nature of our relationships and their complexities. You might be surprised at just how much you may learn about yourself when reading this book.


But if people knew that "life is endless; so we never die; we were never really born," then this fear [fear of death] would dissolve. If they knew that they had lived countless times before and would live countless times again, how reassured they would feel. If they knew that spirits were around to help them while they were in physical state and that after death, in spiritual state, they would join these spirits, including their deceased loved ones, how comforted they would be. If they knew that guardian "angels" really did exist, how much safer they would feel. If they knew that acts of violence and injustices against people did not go unnoted, but had to be repaid in kind in other lifetimes, how much less anger and desire for vengeance they would harbor. 

Just this short paragraph gives you an idea of the magnitude this book presents. I mean, I could go on forever about what was just quoted and this is simply a short paragraph. I will leave you on this note and I hope you enjoyed this short cited reference.

If you are keen on purchasing your own copy, you may do so by following this link.