the millennials’ beauty and skincare habits

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If millennials are known for something, we can say that it’s their flawless skincare routine that undoubtedly brings fantastic results. Ladies of all ages should definitely look up to this generation of women and take their advice on beauty and skincare, and if you’re up for that, too, make sure to stay with us and keep on reading.

Here are millennials’ beauty and skincare habits you should adopt, so check them out and enjoy!


Multimasking is a hit these days, and millennials know that

Multimasking is a hit these days, and millennials know that.jpg


If you still haven’t heard of multimasking, girl, are you missing out! Millennials know that this technique is one of the most efficient ways to give yourself a good facial by using several different treatments at the same time – on different parts of your face. Multimasking is a fantastic way to come up with a customized skin remedy which is of great importance if your skin can’t be described as oily, sensitive, or normal. The fact is that a lot of ladies actually have an extremely greasy T-zone, quite dry cheeks, and major under-eye bags (especially after a night out), so make sure to treat each of these issues with a specific kind of a mask. A clay mask will do wonders for your T-zone, whereas the one with avocado will hydrate your cheeks. A sheet mask will do the trick for your under-eye area and voilà – your skin will be more than fabulous!


Dewy, Instagram-friendly faces are their thing, too…

Dewy, Instagram-friendly faces are their thing, too.jpg


As you may already know, millennials are all about dewy skin and a subtle glow from within, which is exactly why they often invest a lot of money on products that can help them accomplish that. Yes, they’re spending their dollars differently than previous generations have, and that’s what makes them so authentic. Of course, the social media play a huge role in millennials’ lives, which is why even their skincare and beauty products should be Instagrammable, too. The fact that they adore quirky, social-media-friendly masks shouldn’t surprise you at all, especially if these will contribute to a clear, smooth, and dewy skin at the same time. Does it get better than that? Millennials don’t think so!


… As well as the ultimate anti-aging skincare products

As well as the ultimate anti-aging skincare products.jpg


Needless to say, millennials know that it’s all about prevention rather than treatment, which is exactly why they also love to buy quality anti-aging products that do a fantastic job. What’s particularly interesting about this generation is the fact that literally everyone uses such products, no matter the age, which just confirms the claim that millennials indeed pay a lot of attention to this aspect of skincare. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re afraid of getting older – on the contrary, they’re proud of who they are and love to express their individuality no matter what. However, we also have to say that their healthy lifestyle habits and their inside-out philosophy contribute a lot to their youthful appearance, which is exactly what makes millennials so unique.


No-makeup makeup 101: Millennials know it all

No-makeup makeup 101- Millennials know it all.jpg


Speaking of millennials’ makeup, you’ve probably already noticed that this generation of ladies prefers a no-makeup makeup look which is certainly one of the biggest hits in the beauty industry nowadays. Basically, the main goal of such a look is applying makeup products in a way that no one actually notices that you have anything on, which means that they put a focus on a natural look which is quite effective at the same time. A no-makeup makeup look is meant to hide all those temporary minor imperfections like pimples or any kind of irritation, which is exactly why millennials adore it so much.


So, which products would they actually use?

So, which products would they actually use.jpg


Speaking of anti-aging products millennials would definitely use, we have to mention Aspect Dr skin care products such as an oil-soluble vitamin C serum with skin-firming peptides that offers antioxidant protection and provides amazing brightening and firming effects. This product is also calming and reduces flushing at the same time, which makes it perfect for all skin types, especially the sensitive one. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a BB cream that will provide enough coverage and give your skin a dewy, healthy finish, you should check out the Healthy Mix BB cream by Bourjois, which will undoubtedly boost your skin’s radiance and conceal the signs of fatigue. Of course, millennials also pay a lot of attention to the rest of their body, too, and they absolutely adore organic body oils like the hydrating argan oil of Morocco by OGX. It will feed your skin to the max and make it extremely soft and supple, without feeling too greasy and sticky on it. Just spritz it all over your body during a shower, rinse it off, and voilà – your skin is all smooth and radiant within minutes!

As you can see, millennials are known for their unique beauty and skincare habits which help them stand out from the crowd thanks to their luminous, youthful, and healthy skin, so make sure to stick to our tips and tricks if you want to accomplish the same, too. Once that’s done, you’ll have fabulous skin with almost no effort, which is exactly what matters the most!