Happy Monday to you all!
Hope you are all starting off the week feeling great and inspired. I typically do my fashion X music posts on Mondays and would have loved to have a new outfit post to accompany today's music. I didn't get a chance to shoot over the last weekend seen as the weather was so rainy and I was just so excited to be talking about this following musician that I simply had to make a quick post about him.

I am proud to share with you a talented musician I have recently come across via social media. I immediately took to his music and thought you would too. His name, Charles Cleyn. He's a singer, songwriter born and raised in Ottawa, Canada. (And yes, I am slightly proud of that fact) He currently resides in Berlin. 

His single, Decisions, was released on June 1st, 2018. You can have a listen via Spotify,  here. Alternatively, you may also really enjoy his newly released videoclip to the song,  here.


I really enjoyed the lyrics to the song and found myself humming it after listening to his song. It really does stick with you, it's such a catchy tune and I have to admit the videoclip caught me off guard a little as I didn't expect to get teary-eyed whilst watching the first part of it. I won't give away any more of it and will let you be the judge of that. 

I am certain we will be hearing and seeing more of Charles Cleyn in times to come and am proud to have assigned room for his talent here, on the website. Let this be the beginning of something great. 

Go and check out his website and give him some love. Be sure to check out his other media platforms via his website, of course if you enjoyed the tune as much as I have. 

I am always seeking to find new up and coming artists and musicians starting in the industry and discovering their unique talent. I really do try and support anybody who is starting in the music business in promoting their music/talent in whatever ways that I can. I thinks it's important to do so and it's the main reason behind starting . Spread the love and support. 

Enjoy the music!