life update


I have been on the DL for the last few weeks and I really don't enjoy that. I wish I could upkeep this website and continuously blog for you all on the weekly but the truth is that it is hard to keep up. I really respect my fellow bloggers who can really hold down the fort and keep the machine running. Having said this, I vouch to always do my best in providing original and fun content on a regular basis for you.

So in case you've been wondering why the ghosting recently, Mick and I have recently moved into our dream home a couple weeks back. It has been a bit of a whirlwind, so much had to be done last minute and still requires to be done. I am convinced you would know what is involved when moving homes. It was stressful, physically exhausting and all of the above. And I don't know why I kept thinking to myself "It won't be much trouble, we don't have that much furniture anyways.." Let me tell you I don't want to be moving for a long time! ..It was way more challenging and stressful than I expected. And again, it definetely ain't my first rodeo, as in I should have known better than to expect it to be anything but easy and quick but then again, I had not yet moved into as big a space as the one we currently now live in. I have so many plans for this new home of ours and I cannot wait to make it our own space and share with you guys the final result. I have also finally managed to convince Mick to get that extra bedroom in order to turn it into my dream walk-in wardrobe. I am currently turning this oh-so-messy space into what hopefully can be my dream closet. I'm thinking of blogging the experience and sharing images of the aftermath. I thought a few of you might be interested in this sort of thing, so you can thank me later.. Just kidding :P

I've also had a work opportunity come my way since I was last on the blog and this has also been taking up some of my time but these are all great and positive changes. 

There are so many things that I would like to accomplish this year and in settling our new home but I cannot believe we are nearing the halfway mark already! I find as the years go by, the faster they seem to be going. It is absolutely frightening. I wish there was a way to just pause the time and be able to do all those things we've wanted to do for long before we get to press play again.  Either that or I just need to boot myself to move twice as fast in order to accomplish more. I think I'll choose the latter! 

I'll leave you on this note and stay tuned for more fun content coming your way

Goodnight Sydney