Valentine's Day Plans


I thought of updating you lovelies on what exactly Mick and I did for V Day this year. I was busy working all day in Darling Harbour and did not have much time to plan or organize for anything much to be honest. I made sure to at least get a pretty red rose, an artsy Valentine's card and a box of his favourite dark chocolate liqueur. I knew Mick had something planned as a surprise but I didn't realize how much trouble he actually went through to put everything together the day of...


Turns out Mick had rushed non-stop between his own appointments, work, getting a haircut (!) and getting ready for the evening of Valentine's. He home baked my favourite lobster mac & cheese with fresh oysters Kilpatrick he prepped. A couple of tiny bottles of bubbly and the meal was absolutely divine. He whisked me off my feet end of day on Wednesday, but really, he picked me up with the car and drove me to the secret picnic location he had planned for. Poor thing, he was so stressed the day of trying to get everything done and ready on time. That location was Balls Head Point Reserve, in Waverton. I had never been in this little nook but I can assure it was absolutely stunning. The views, incredible! If picnicking is your thing or simply discovering new nestled spots for a great view, this one is on your list!  After spending a few hours relaxing and digesting the rich but oh-so-yummy tasting diner, we slowly heading back home. I thought the whole picnic and him cooking me that beautiful meal was my gift, which surely was enough on his part. But I found the most lovely bouquet of roses waiting for me on the kitchen table. AND, drum roll... a piece of jewelry in the loveliest turquoise box. Now, girls, we all know what tends to be in that turquoise box.. Don't we now! I received my very first Tiffany bracelet.  I was so pleased because I really do love my jewelry and having this bracelet on my wrist will remind me of our special evening together for many moons. He made sure to pay attention to detail and get my initials engraved on the underside of the heart charm. You can watch a short video of my receiving the jewelry on my Insta Stories. He really spoiled me and I feel so blessed to have him. I feel Valentine's Day should be called International Lover's Appreciation Day because that really is what it's about. So often in the past, I've come across a few cynics who don't believe in the whole affair and mention it's merely a commercial day and bares no meaning at all. I could not agree less, but to each his own. The way I see it, it's a great opportunity to show the person you share your life with how much you care and appreciate them and all that they provide for in the relationship. I think it's actually really important to show your appreciation and not only on the one day of the year but as often as you can. And who said it's only for lovers, as the same can apply to a beloved family member or a dear friend. Everybody has loved, been loved. Let's share the love even more! There'll never be too much of it anyhow. Plus, life's not as worth living unless you make a big deal out of all these little life celebrations. I'd rather colour my life and make it has full as possible to accumulate as many memories as possible. That's just how I see it. 

I hope you all had an amazing Valentine's Day this year and I wish you much, much love and happiness in your relationships and friendships.