la valse d'amélie

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Mick and I had SO much fun shooting for this blog post! Honestly, it was such an unexpected day at the park from beginning to end. The girls you see in the picture above were so in character and fun-spirited it felt magical being around them. I just had to have a quick snap alongside the beauties. 

Seen as it was my first time at Luna Park, I didn't even realize until entering the park that you do not actually need to purchase tickets in order to enter the grounds. And being my first time at Luna Park, I had no idea of this. So we stepped right in and had a blast! You can enjoy the games, food and just about everything there is to offer upon entering the site. The only thing you cannot do without purchasing the tickets are the rides. So of course, I had to have myself a gigantic serving of pink cotton candy.. (hum um)* I mean, fairy floss :) Not to mention they make your pictures a whole lot more pretty to look at. And I loved their carnival music playing in the loud speakers all throughout the grounds. The whole affair was an experience that I cannot wait to set foot again. 


My favourite aspect of the park has to be its style and architecture from the 1930s. I love that the city has kept and maintained the park for so many years now. How cool is it that the main entrance is a giant face and you need to physically walk through its mouth. Seriously, you don't see this happening anymore nowadays. From its 30s themed rides to its vintage cartoon murals and paintings, the whole park is an experience. And given I've always dreamt of living in that time as oppose to today day and age, (It's a bit of an inside joke with Michael and I) I feel right at home when at Luna Park. You may choose to read up on its rich history right here. Or, better yet, purchase your very own tickets just here.

About the song choice. The movie is just brilliant simply put. And its soundtrack is unforgettable. Truly. To me, it's one of those songs that I cannot stop myself from listening as it makes me dream yet it has a sad feeling to it (At least to me) and the more I listen the more I can find myself getting emotional over it. Maybe it's just me. In other words, this song makes me feel a whole bunch of beautiful emotions. It really is amazing how music can make us humans feel so many different feelings and emotions just by sound waves ..It's something. I thought La Valse d'Amélie could pair quite well with our pictures because the accordion makes it very carnival themed and gives that fun, innocent aspect to it which relates well with Luna Park. 

Hope you enjoy, 


I wore :

top - zara

bell-shaped shorts - finders keepers

shoes - wittner

handbag - prada

sunnies - vintage

fairy floss - luna park sydney