YES! Bringing it back old school with this classic. I remember absolutely loving this tune when I was a 90s kid, of course having NO idea whatsoever what the lyrics were all about! Yikes, mom and dad! Nonetheless, it is such a great song that just makes you want to dance every time you hear those reggae vibes. So good... 

I'm not familiar with Inner Circle I believe, apart from this song, and I'm wondering now if there was or were any other songs they created that was 'big' at the time.. 


I'd been wanting to take up skateboarding for some time now and I finally did it. I just always thought those who had the ability to skate were just always a tad bit cooler than your average. So, I got sucked in! It's really not easy to do and I admire those who can moreso now because I now know how difficult it can be to just skate. You need so much balance.. Anyways, Mick and I both got a skateboard each now and we'll go ride every now and then for some fun together and to spend time outdoors. We're such kids at heart but I love it, I wouldn't want it any other way. And of course, I had to customize my one given I always customize whatever I can, if possible I'd customize my life away. And it comes as no surprise that I have a slight addiction to anything pink, cute and glittery. So My Little Pony fits the bill. 

When I think back on 2017, I feel so much has happened in the last year for us both and myself personally. Big changes, but good ones too. And coming into this new year now, there is so much I want to accomplish on different levels, whether it be personal, with work, etc. But at the moment, we are going through some new changes such as a move, working opportunities are expanding, our new fur babies are now apart of our family. So it has been a bit of a hectic end/beginning of year for this family. We are continuously juggling between work obligations and home inspections on the regular as we'd like to move and settle in as soon as possible. Our kittens are currently at Mick's grandparents, in Griffith, while we are going through our move and once we are settled in we will be retrieving them both and bringing them back home with us. We're both missing them and can't wait to be able to retrieve them and bring them back home with us. 

what i wore:

sunnies - vintage

overall - billabong

T - topshop

runners - vans

board - banana