what we did in the snowy mountains

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So my good friend Adriana invited Mick and I to join a group of family and friends of ours for the Australia Day Long Weekend, in Jindabyne. We rented out this huge house, in the town of Jindabyne, for all of us to stay in during the weekend. 

It was so nice to just get away from the city and have some relaxing time away with friends. 


We left our place in Sydney at 6AM on the Friday morning and then met up at Adriana's house to pick up another girlfriend of hers. Getting in Mount Kosciuszko there was the national park entry fee of 17$ if my memory serves me well. We then arrived at Mount Perisher around early afternoon and met up with the boys, who at that point were riding their mountain bikes. We relaxed for the afternoon in Perisher, had a quick bite for lunch at the pub with the whole gang, then went on for a few bobsled rides down the hill for some laughter. I still don't know how I had SO much fun riding those down the hill! .. At my age. We had planned to go hiking and do the Mount Kosciuszko trail for most of the afternoon but arrived a little later than expected and with the operating hours of Thredbo's chairlift, we were worried it would be too tight in terms of timing to have time to hike back down and what not. Anyhow, I'll be sure to go for a nice hiking trail up at the summit next time we plan on going to Thredbo. We all went for a quick trip to the town's Woolies and the liquor shop for added ingredients, alcohol, befor eheading back to the house. I loved the fact that the house we rented was literally a 2 minute drive from the town center. After all that driving on the Friday, you just want to get in, gather and relax ASAP. We headed back to the house, unpacked our bags and settled in, regrouped and cooked a big feast for all to enjoy. After diner we were all pretty tired from the driving, boys from riding, so we took it easy and stayed in and just had some beers and played cards on the porch with the playlist going. Sometimes, the simple things are the best things. 

Saturday, early morning, we had a 2 hour horseback riding session with the girls. I used to take horseback riding lessons back in Canada, when younger. And I really enjoyed it and have been wanting to ride more often ever since I stop the lessons because I feel as though it always stayed with me a little bit. But having not ridden in years, I was definitely a little nervous initially. All the wrong scenarios of what "could" happen were running through my mind and I just had to calm myself down slow and steady going into the session. About 30 minutes in, I started feeling much more comfortable and confident with my horse, which by the way, was named Dude.. ! Ha! ..really Dude? I can't throw any sort of shade at this wonderful animal because I was truly brilliant. I felt so lucky to have had my short lived journey on his back as he was such a good boy. No hiccups, trips or falling down (unlike others.. But we won't say) Dude was so obedient, and kept a fair bit of distance to the horse in front of him which calmed me down, I was just so proud of him and allowing us both for such a great horseback riding experience. I was thankful for a smooth sailing experience to say the least. (As you might have read in my previous post, I had a pretty traumatic final experience in my horseback riding years. Hence, the nervous feels climbing back up on a horse after so long this past weekend) I would recommend anyone to go for this. I'll link their official webpage down below if any of you are planning a little trip of your own to the Mountains and would be interested in horseback riding. I cannot begin to describe the scenery. It was so magical, I felt I was on set of Broke Back Mountain or something. The land they own is absolutely unreal and stunning. Again, no words. It all felt a little surreal to be honest at one point. I would definitely do it again. In the afternoon, we went to the Schnapps distillery for a tasting of their various flavours. It's such a cute set-up they have at the distillery and have made it so cosy. We slowly made our way back to the house to meet up with the rest of the crew and headed down to the local pub for a late diner and drinks whilst watching the Davis Cup on the telly.

Sunday morning we cooked a big breakfast before packing our bags and loading the cars to head back towards the city. It was time to say goodbye to everybody. Mike and I drove back in our car and did our own thing. We decided to stop along the way to a few locations out of curiosity. We love stopping at random places along the way, of course when we are not in a hurry, and discover local experiences. I am a big dairy fan so I usually look for a dairy farm we can stop at and taste their various dairy products, or I'll also enjoy stopping for fresh fruit along the road. It makes the whole road trip experience so much more real, fun and memorable. We initially stopped to sightsee and take a few pictures of the views of Jindabyne. Then, we stopped in Canberra's Old Bus Depot Sunday Markets. We had lunch there and had a fabulous antipasto with a selection of cheeses, had a quick walk through of all the stalls and headed back to the car to keep rollin'. Finally, we stopped at the Avon Dam. These stops were not known to us nor planned, but this is why we both enjoy doing road trips so much, we always discover beautiful and interesting sights/places every time. This dam was breathtaking, and I had absolutely no idea the metro area of Sydney even needed such a huge dam for its water supply. It was impressive. Work began in 1921 and was completed in 1927, this dam at 223 meters long is quite impressive. We ventured off to its facilities, which were very pretty yet also a little creepy. Part of it nearest the dam seemed to have been abandoned, almost frozen in time, and needs big time landscaping love. SO it felt a little eery and I couldn't help but run creepy thriller and sci-fi movie scenes in my head of what could happen in such a space. And after all of that driving, we finally arrived home. 

All in all, I'm looking forward to heading back to Jindabyne/Mount Kosciuszko/Thredbo for any of their activities. Especially during the winter for the skiing. Really looking forward to that. 

Mount Thredbo

Thredbo Valley Horse Riding

Canberra Sunday Markets

Avon Dam