how to successfully stick to your fitness resolution


Over time, I've come to notice how big a resolution keeping active/fit/loosing weight is as a New Year's goal. Having said this, I personally have always thought keeping active, in whatever way, is vital. Although I typically set my own personal goals for every new year to come, fitness or loosing weight has never really been a key point in my resolutions' list simply because as I've mentioned above, I've always posed great importance on this over the years for as long as I can remember. So I would just do it, regardless of whether it was on my list of resolutions.


Having said this, I have mastered a way into actually being successful at this resolution in safeguarding its success. I have come up with my own little tricks in making sure I would personally succeed at keeping active on the regular and accomplishing my own fitness goals in this past year. And I'm proud to say that I've remained consistent and regular with my training sessions all throughout this past year. My goal was to establish a healthy workout routine in my daily life. The discipline of keeping active has always been a bit of a struggle in my case but, I'm glad I have learned to overcome this. And this is where you guys come in... All of these tips, which I will further detail for you, you can easily apply to your own routine. This way, you can guarantee a successful resolution should you keep at it. Not bad to know you can be successful at this sought-after goal so early on in the new year! 

6 tricks to successfully achieving your resolution of keeping fit

  1. Establish a specific goal through fitness. What exactly do you want to achieve? With whom? How? Are there alternatives ways to achieving the same end result?
  2. Make it measurable. Determine the life adjustments and/or fitness activity required to achieving your goal. Defining the physical/tangible manifestations of your objective makes it far easier to reach.
  3. Make it attainable. In other words, be sure that your goal is realistic given your financial situation, time-wise, etc. Spread out trick 2. over a realistic time frame to be accomplished. Also, be sure to allow for sufficient training time in your daily/weekly/monthly routine. 
  4. Do the above in a timely manner. If you are like me and are a visual person, create a monthly planner on your desk with the specific time and day of your training sessions. By creating an "appointment" in your planner and providing it with a deadline, you will be far more prone to actioning it. 
  5. Record your progress. Whether it be by picture taking, number jotting or simply by a physiological basis, take notes regularly to provide for proof of progress. This will only keep your motivational levels up and prove to yourself you are one step closer to your goal and on the right path.
  6. Last, but not least, state positive goals rather than negative ones. For instance, try to avoid stating "Stop procrastinating" and substitute this for "Achieve a daily discipline". 

And there you have it. I hope the above has served as a refresher for some of you if not that you have learned a thing or two. I wish you all achieve great success along the way at whatever goal you set your mind to for this new year. 

All the best,