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This post will act a little more as a diary entry I suppose. I always prefer adding imagery to my posts as to make it more interesting, but I just really felt like laying in bed tonight, grabbing my laptop and just writing to you guys about our upcoming plans for the long weekend. I'm really looking forward to our plans for the Australia Day long weekend. Last year, I was hoping to spend quality time with Mike and friends and have a nice BBQ outdoors and enjoy the festivities but, things didn't turn out that way. And that's an added reason that I am so pleased with this year's festivities. 

Our group includes friends, family and couples which will all be headed to the town of Jindabyne for the long weekend. Bonus: Mick and I will be road tripping it in our car so I'm expecting a nice and short car trip with beautiful landscapes. We've rented out a two storey house in the mountains which has all the works to accommodate for 10 people. Activities have been planned for us girls to go for a beautiful hike in Mount Kosciuszko on the Friday while the boys do their own thing and go mountain biking. Later for the evening, we'll be having a huge BBQ feast for Australia Day. I hear this is an Aussie tradition on the 26th. I feel I'm slowly becoming more and more of a true Aussie the longer I stay here :P I'm loving it! And Saturday early morning will call for us girls to go for a horseback riding session throughout the mountains. And honestly, I cannot wait for this! I have not ridden a horse in years now that I think of it and I have been wanting to for aaaages. So it's time to finally tick that one off the list for the year! I used to take horseback riding lessons when younger and I really enjoyed it and was quite good at it, if I may say so myself. But the whole experience ended quite dramatically and I decided I would no longer take lessons. But I've always enjoyed riding horses afterwards casually for pleasure and love the animals. A story for another day. I get sidetracked so easily :/

Where was I.. Right. So these are the plans for the moment and I'm sure we'll be filling our time up with more interesting moments. I'll be taking a few pictures during our stay to upload onto the blog for you all to see. I've always really enjoyed myself doing any sort of outdoor activity especially hiking in nature so it'll be a really fun time. 

I'm grateful for these little, simple moments in life. Quality time with my friends, loved ones. I could only wish to have more of these fun weekends away with friends and family, but unfortunately everybody is a busy bee with work and general life obligations so it doesn't happen often where we get to find a weekend away altogether in our calendars. So I really appreciate these small moments, fleeting yet memorable moments with those who matter. So cheers to that and to a great start to the year at that!

And what are your plans for the Australia Day long weekend? Any special outings or parties you'll be attending? Or even traditions you and your family/friends enjoy preserving? Let me know, I'd love to hear :)

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