Hi you beautiful people!

I've been wanting to write more this week but this past week has been a tad busier than usual. Like I mentioned in my previous post about the recent changes in this new year, things have well been taking place which is fabulous. However, we still don't have our beloved Xena and Zeus back with us and I just cannot wait any longer. I miss them terribly, and so does Mick. Ugh, I hope they are not growing too much meanwhile. I wish they could stay tiny forever! 


Anyways, it's nice to be back on the blog writing to you guys. I've chosen the "Ride" song only because I really like it. I never seem to tire myself of it and I think it's because of the different styles that seem to be juxtaposed, and blended together which make this song so addictive. I mean, on the forefront of things, you can clearly tell that this is sort of a pop rock/rap rock/alt hip hop song yet, (This is the most amazing part of it to me) they've managed to add some reggae vibe to it all in the background. That reggae music is also pretty much why I've chosen Ride for this post seen as it was shot in Bondi Beach and had the whole chill, beach and skate vibe going on. I thought the song choice and shooting location matched well enough for this week's post. No wonder I can't get enough of this song. The boys have made a perfect balance between the vocals, drums and everything in between. I just think they're great. And they're SO humble,  you can tell they would have worked hard to get to where they are today. It's always nice to witness celebrated artists and have them not have forgotten of where they come from and who they are at core. Watch this, if like myself, you can't get enough of them. (I always have a hard time clearly distinguishing a bands genre, just because of today's ever changing music industry coupled with the fact that new genre words/names are attributed due to new technologies, instruments, etc. It's always hard for me to precisely pin point a band's or song's genre) 

On a slightly different note, I do hope you've enjoyed the images. I know there are substantially more than usual but we did  a rather heavy day of shooting this time around and I felt like putting nearly all of them up seen as I really enjoyed doing this shoot. I loved all its imagery and didn't want to omit any of the pictures for you all to enjoy. 

PS. Can you spot Mick's talented self-portrait on me? .. More specifically, my feet!? :P

what i wore:

sunnies - vintage

overall - billabong

T - topshop

runners - vans

board - banana