koala park sanctuary on a Sunday




If there's one thing to know of Michael is he loves throwing me surprises. And I love it twice as much! He also happens to love organizing little outings for us two to spend some quality time together and do something out of the ordinary to shake up the week. This morning was no exception. He decided to surprise me and bring me along to the Koala Park Sanctuary, in Pennant Hills. We spent roughly a couple of hours at the sanctuary this morning interacting with the animals and I had the best time. I am such a kid at heart and absolutely have the best days when amongst animals. It's also always a treat for me to learn and see these native animals seen as I am from Canada and we have a whole different variety of animals which don't include wallabies, dingoes, etc. All related information regarding the venue is found on their website where you may plan your visit. 


We got to pat some eastern grey kangaroos and feed them carrots. They're SO cute, I can't take it! We also got to see up close my favourite bird, Galahs, bats (Which I didn't realize until today how similar their heads are to meerkats'), koalas, wallabies, echidnas, wombat, penguin, etc. You get to stand only 1 meter away to the koalas and see them from so near. Now, I've been to Taronga Zoo a few times and let me tell you as much a great experience that Zoo can be, it is all too common to be too far away from the animals to see any at all, be stuck in crowds of hundreds and so on and so forth. You know the drill. The great thing about this sanctuary is you don't have any of those issues. Given it is not as a popular destination, we were practically the only ones there to take advantage of all the animals in their natural habitats. AND, given the enclosures are rather small at the Koala Park Sanctuary, you get to be very close to the animals and have a completely different experience with them. In all, it was such a lovely day at the park with Michael :) I've never seen koalas so close before, it was so great and the best part is we had them all to ourselves. Oh, and the bats, I love bats I find them magical for some reason and at the Sanctuary, you get to see them from so close again and I never had seen them so close like this before that I had no idea what their heads and bodies looked like. It was fascinating, really. It is such a great place to go with the family, I would highly recommend it. Funny fact, the place was notoriously known for hosting celebrities such as Paul Hogan, Johnny Depp, Liberace, David Hasselhoff, and the likes.