which fragrance to add next to your collection


Given I'm a Canadian expat and have been for a few years now, I've learned to re-stock my life with all things beauty, lifestyle related items. Seen as I could not possible move all of my belongings from one country to the next, I've had to, over the years purchase or acquire much of what I could simply not keep with me from Canada. One of these is my beloved perfume collection. I've always received perfumes as gifts and purchased my own over the years as I very much enjoy using perfume in general and having my favourite scent of the moment on my skin linger. Unfortunately, my collection of fragrances I have accumulated for a number of years had to remain home for obvious reasons and now I find myself with only one perfume that my mother has preciously wrapped and brought over to Australia so that I had a beautiful fragrance to associate beautiful memories to. Bless her!

Having said this, it is now time for me to slowly build on my new and improve perfume collection for my new home here, in Australia. And my latest must-have fragrance is Nirvana by Elizabeth and James. I am such a huge fan of anything that is from Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and have been ever since I can remember. They have influenced greatly my childhood and teenage years and whatever they touched always seemed to turn to gold. And it goes the same for their brand The Row. I love absolutely everything about these girls and what they continually accomplish, especially at an artistic standpoint with their retail brands. They never seem to fail to disappoint and their fragrances Nirvana are simply divine. I did not expect anything much when I heard of this fragrance upon its initial release some time ago, but I have only recently tried it on myself and experienced its scent and could not believe how much I fell in love with it instantaneously. Right there and then, I knew I had to have my own. 

There is now quite a range of perfumes out there from the power couple, from over the years. 

I love, love their concept of duality and having created a scent where both men AND women can both wear. I would think that this is just so modern in the ideology of a fragrance no longer being either for the woman or the man and having a fragrance that is unisex entirely is such a fabulous concept. Having a perfume which reflects equality, fairness. It all makes so much sense. I'd have to say that without yet having smelt their latest Nirvana Amethyst for women, the Nirvana Bourbon for women is my favourite. However, I'd really love to get my hands on the latest out of curiosity and witness its scent. 

Here's a link where you may purchase your very own fragrance by the lovely sisters.