happy new year


First post of 2018!! 

I just wanted to wish you all a very happy new year to 2018! I hope you all had a beautiful holiday season and spent this past festive holiday with your loved ones, kept safe and warm. I wish you all much health, happiness and for exciting new adventures, projects and beginnings.

As for Mick and I, we will be kicking it back old school and relaxing in the Blue Mountains whilst camping overnight. We were going to take it easy and remain in the city this year but, Mick really wanted to make it a tad more special than staying in at home for us both this year and planned for this mini camping adventure in the mountains. I thought that was really sweet and thoughtful of him to make the effort and take us both out even if for a short period of time. Sometimes just getting out and doing something out of the ordinary can stir things up for the better. 

Every year for the holidays, we've started our own little traditions and one of them is to make a gingerbread house together. I've always done this since I'm a little girl in Canada with my family and now it's time to start traditions and memories of our own here in Sydney. So this is what our gingerbread house came out to be as. Not too shabby.. I mean, I've had better years but this will do for now :)

Do any of you have any interesting New Year's party they attended? Memorable holiday getaway you've gone to? I'd love to hear about your own shenanigans :)

Be safe, don't do anything I wouldn't do and I'll be writing to you next very shortly.