the secret behind music's healing powers


Hi everyone,

After listening to this TED talk by Robert Gupta on the bridge between music and medicine, I could not help myself and had to share it furthermore. Not only is it very interesting but Gupta reinforces the notion of just how powerful music can be to human beings. 

I thought this short video was moreso relevant to my website seen as music, coupled with fashion, is a predominant aspect of the blog. Music has always played a key role throughout my entire life between singing and playing various musical instruments for many years. And without music, my life lacks a certain something. It does not feel whole for some reason. I need music in my life in one way or another.

I can entirely believe what Robert Gupta has to say on how music helps those suffering of mental illnesses. I mean think about it for a second.. Have you ever found yourself feeling surprisingly happier when listening to a song you loved? Now, think about how much happier you feel when singing over a song you love.. Exactly right! Music is so powerful and we should all allow for it into our lives as much as possible. It has so many beneficial elements to it.

So wherever you are at the moment and whatever you are doing, play that song you love so much and turn up the volume. Let yourself get carried away and witness its transformative power.