favourite makeup wands of the moment


This unicorn wand set is to die for! I am so obsessed with these makeup brushes that I am super excited writing about them for you all. Where to begin with this product?

First things first, the packaging. Tarte always seems to nail it in terms of packaging for all of their products, including this brush set. Great colour combinations. The pastel pigmentations of the brush bristles are amazing and incorporated with the golden unicorn wands, it gives that luxury feel to the product. Also, the detail posed in the silk wrapping paper inside its box is just adorable. Tarte made sure detail was provided all the way to its silk wrapping paper! Seriously, unicorns... I really believe that is one major contributing factor to their success as a brand. They pose so much attention to detail. 


Secondly, five brushes are part of this set. Tarte has made sure to give us five high-performing brushes which serve you for an entire makeup look. You have all the necessary and basic brushes in order to apply your beauty products with.

magenta contour brush: create the perfect contour, strobe or highlight with dense, flat bristles.

pink powder brush: apply just the right amount of foundation or finishing powder for an airbrushed look.

green blending shadow brush: defines the crease while blending out harsh lines.

blue shading eyeshadow brush: pack on base shadows and soften around your crease.

purple liquid foundation brush: pick up and apply cream or liquid foundations and primers with dense, fluffy bristles.


Oh, and FYI, the brushes are all made of vegan bristles! ..I know, ah-ma-zing.