consistency is the key to training success


The three pillars of fitness are regular exercise, a healthy diet and quality sleep. Without creating a balance between these three aspects, you simply won’t be able to achieve your fitness goals. However, simply developing a workout routine isn’t enough. Leading a healthy lifestyle for five days and then indulging in alcohol, unhealthy foods and late nights out will hinder your progress. What will help you achieve your goals and become fit isn’t a month of intensive workouts, but a long-term commitment, dedication and consistency. Without consistency, your progress will quickly fall to pieces and you’ll be exactly where you started. Although the road to training consistency is challenging, it’s essential that you find your inner strength and persevere.


Building workout consistency

While every workout routine should have days for relaxation, you need to be strategic with your rest days when developing your schedule. Working out intensively for an entire week and then taking a week off because “you deserve it” will simply get you off track. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself struggling to start working out all over again. Instead, you should create a balanced workout schedule that you can stick to and then gradually increase the intensity. A consistent schedule will expose your body to continued, positive stress, gradually building your strength and cardiovascular health. This approach will also allow you to have days off when your body can strengthen and recover, enabling you to continue with your routine according to plan. Of course, there will be days when you simply cannot stick to your schedule. On these occasions, you should increase the intensity of your workout during the days when you do exercise. This way, you’ll achieve workout consistency, forming a healthy, long-term habit without feeling tempted to skip your workout.


Developing a consistent diet system

Diet is another important aspect of achieving your fitness goals and, just like exercising, it demands consistency. Changing your diet at once might be difficult if you’ve been eating unhealthy foods for years. Instead, you should go one step at a time, implementing smaller changes and introducing a major dietary change every once in a while. For example, if you’ve decided to completely change your diet and become a vegan or vegetarian, you shouldn’t stop eating all animal products at once. You can eliminate meat, then eggs and then dairy products. It’s important that you let your body adjust and then continue with your diet regime. Once you’ve completely switched to a certain diet, you should be consistent. However, as you increase the intensity of your workout, your body will need more proteins, carbohydrates and other nutrients to recover. Thus, it’s important that you develop a consistent diet plan with pre- and post-workout nutrition, as well as have plenty of nutritious vegan or vegetarian recipes on hand.


Get enough sleep for adequate recovery

Working out consistently and exposing your body to continued stress demands proper and adequate recovery. Without getting quality sleep every night, your body won’t be able to recover properly and replenish its energy. Consequently, this will hinder your progress and you’ll be too exhausted to exercise, so you’ll just end up skipping your workout and breaking the consistency you’ve built. You might even find yourself eating unhealthy foods and consuming more calories than you should because studies have shown that people start craving junk food when they’re tired. Therefore, it’s essential that you get enough quality sleep every night. You should sleep eight hours every night, go to bed approximately at the same time and avoid using your phone or watching TV right before bedtime.


Powering through with self-motivation

Despite your developed consistency, there will be days when you’ll simply lack motivation to get up, let alone work out. This is when you need to recognize that sticking to a workout schedule isn’t easy and that you need to power through. You need to keep yourself motivated by tracking your progress and keeping your stylish and comfortable gym clothes in a visible place. This way, you’ll have a visual reminder that you need to work out and sometimes that’s all you need. Fitness is all about you and your willpower, so make sure to stay consistent and build all three pillars of fitness.