fool's gold


Fool's Gold by Jack River has been on my mind lately. If you have not yet heard the track here you go. This song has the ability to make me dream and escape my reality for a minute or so. And this in itself is something important to me. Whenever I get to hear a song which makes me loose myself and forget about my surroundings then you know it's a good sign. And it might just be me, but there's a certain 90s vibe to it. Picture this: Real-life moment, it's the 90s. Imagine that scene where Cher of Clueless is walking to class at her Beverly Hills' high school campus. That moment where Cher and this cute guy locks eyes while walking past each other. And of course, all of this is in slow motion. There! That moment right then where both lock eyes and cross each other for a split second. There you have it! There's my anthem, while all this is happening. 


I really enjoy this colour combination. Spicy mustard and deep navy. This navy dress is meant to be worn on its own, but at the time we shot it was quite cold outdoors so I thought of layering it with a mustard yellow ribbed midi dress. And I'm quite pleased with how the outfit combination turned out on picture. The navy dress is beautiful and so comfortable. If you have legs for days, then this is your dress for any occasion. As it is a simple looking dress, it is so easy to style it in order to pull off wearing it in so many different ways and recycling its usage over time. And how gorgeous are those sleeves! Extra wide and extra fabulous. 

I found these beautiful sneakers that have a high fashion appeal to them so you can easily pair them with casual wear just as you could pull them off with a tad more of a fancier outfit, such as the above. I absolutely love their shimmering effect or silver and gold. I could not have found a better match in terms of footwear with this outfit. Also, the silver shimmer effect of these sneakers ties in perfectly well with my silver choker. How great!


I wore:

choker: samantha wills

navy dress: mlm

mustard midi: nude lucy 

sneakers: edward meller