luxury soaps for a luxurious lifestyle


My latest obsession/addiction/inspiration are these luxury soaps from TK Maxx. I honestly do not even know where to begin to explain to you how amazing these luxury products are. First off, let me just say how appreciative I am of TK Maxx and their soap and lotion section of the store. You will find great brands at affordable prices ( which by the way is the entire concept behind TK Maxx). I've noticed hand creams and lotions from Crabtree & Evelyn being sold as well! This makes me beyond excited as I have used and loved this brand for years now. Within this soap section, there is a variety of brands and product types. After what seemed like a five minute look around, one hour had actually passed by and Michael had left me behind for some far more important time-worthy obligations. Embarrassing, yeah probably.. Not to mention I should have better things to do with my time than stare at soap for an hour. But on a serious note, I feel this is a tiny secret place of mine that I simply must share with you all to also enjoy and benefit from. Price VS quality ratio, not to mention the range of products available in store, is fantastic. After careful consideration as to which soaps I'd be bringing back home with me, I've narrowed it down to these three products. 

First luxury soap by Asquith & Somerset, England. Scent: Watermelon. This soap is the first and only one that I have yet opened and started using. So far, I am so pleased with its creamy texture. You can definitely feel a difference when rubbing this soap onto your hands as it is most creamy and extremely smooth to apply on the skin. Honestly, I have never felt such a smooth soap during its application on my skin. If you are like myself and enjoy taking care of your body, it's a pretty incredible feeling. As for its scent, it smells exactly like watermelons. It's unreal and I cannot get over how great it smells. I need to have my daily dose of sniffing to satisfy my senses. Although once used on my skin, the smell does not seem to be as strong. This is the only downside to the product. 


Next on the list, we have the La Florentina, Agrumi di Boboli luxury soap. Scent: Agrumi di Boboli. Anything citrus smelling, I simply need it in my life. This fabulous product is made in Italy and is a tuscan handmade soap with an extra moisturizing and creamy effect. 'A specially vegetable formula enriched with olive oil and selected ingredients for a qualitatively unique and creamy soap.' This was moreso a sentimental purchase for myself. Having lived in Florence, Tuscany, for a number of years this product brought me back to earlier days of some of my happiest moments. I lived in a tiny flat just between the famous Ponte Vecchio and the Boboli Gardens of Palazzo Pitti. And I used to frequent these worldly wonders on the daily. (If you have not yet visited both these sites, please go! and thank me later) The citrus trees of the gardens are breathtaking and everything about the Boboli Gardens is of an other-worldly beauty. Its packaging is fabulous and its scent so fresh. These soaps smell like a citrus explosion. The smell is so on point not to mention quite strong. Therefore the box leaves a beautiful citric scent wherever it is placed. A final detail which encouraged my purchase are the hand-crafted crests on each luxury bar of soap. I very much appreciate the detail put into each soap and their crests making this product stand out from the rest. This product screams quality and luxury. Love it!


Finally, our third luxury soap by Castelbel, Porto. You're Made of Stardust. A Stargazer Lily Scented Soap. Scent: Lilies. I cannot wait to start using this soap as it smells of one of my favourite scents. And it does smell strongly of lilies in their purest form. Astonishing! This is another one which requires me to have a quick little smell whenever I open my soap cabinet. The wrapping paper is fabulous. It is a shimmering silver over a galactic star-studded purple universe. C'mon, who would not want such a soap!