meet our newest family member


If you have not yet had your chance at meeting Xena, our new baby kitten, here she is!

I've recently uploaded a short video on my Youtube channel introducing Xena to all of you and explaining all about how I came to the decision of adopting her and surprising Michael, my partner, for his birthday. 

Here is a link to our local RSPCA's website, where I found our kitten. The RSPCA updates their webpage every 30 minutes, every day, to showcase all the latest animals which have come in and out of the centre on the daily. This way, you may have a better idea as to what to expect when visiting. 

One thing I did not mention in my video above is how pleased I am with the quality of service provided at the time of adoption and post-adoption by all staff members at the RSPCA. All animals are very well taken care of and nursed back to health prior to their availability to the general public. They do such a great job with all animals and I would recommend the experience to any person and/or family looking for a new furry family member. There is also a veterinary hospital part of the facilities which comes in handy when needing to check up on your pet pre and post adoption. 

Happy viewing!