down under


Hi Guys!

If you happened to read my latest post, written by the talented Samantha Braddy, you'll notice how this new blog post has everything to do with it. Also, my future fashion X music posts as well. As our winter is finally coming to a close (Hooray!), we've brought you all of the highlights in terms of colours for this season. And what more relevant outfit ideas and looks could I come up with for you all than those below. It can become a bit of a drag having to figure out what to pull from our wardrobes day in and day out for work and related casualties. So, I thought it could come in handy in this final stretch of the season to provide you with ideas of what could be worn together as total looks; Which of course incorporate this season's must have colours for the wardrobe. 

One of this season's trendy colours is Spicy Mustard, showcased in winter 2017 colour trends. I've chosen to create a total look based on this colour for you all to draw inspiration from. 

Seen as I typically merge both music and fashion platforms together in this thread, I've opted for an Australian classic of Men At Work-Down Under. Simply because this combination of colours reminded me of a vegemite sandwich! ...Get it ;P I've officially converted to this culture now :P


Let's talk about the fabrics used in this look. The combination of fabrics could not be more relevant for this season's chilly mornings and evenings. Although the weather is warming up as we are getting closer towards Spring, it's always nice to have a backup jacket in case we get the chills. This vintage suede bomber is the perfect combination to downplaying this beautifully knitted dress. However, if your goal is to dress up a little more for the office, no problem! Opt for a suitably more elegant jacket and pair of office heels/flats and there you have it. 


In terms of shoes, I opted for casual Superga sneakers. Why you ask? Well, they're comfortable, durable and add that casual touch to my whole outfit which is what I was going for at the time anyways. But, remember you can always tailor your outfit to your needs. Meaning, whether you are in search of an office look or weekend attire, you can always make that happen with common items in your outfit. You simply need to adjust a key item(s) to make the whole outfit uplifted or better suited in this case. Say you would be open to wearing this dress at the office, all you need to combine it with to tick the corporate box are a nice blazer and pair of office worthy shoes (Heels or flats both work).


items worn:

suede bomber - vintage

dress - viktoria and woods

sneakers - superga