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Yay! to super soft Italian mohair jumpers on cold, rainy summer days. Again, i'm in love with layering clearly by my previous music x fashion posts, including this one. I just think the idea is genius. Especially considering the climate constantly seems to be fluctuating here in Sydney. I mean, I'll check the weather forecast for the week, then the day of and it will expect thunderstorms for instance. But before you know it, it's warm and sunny. I just can't seem to keep up with this weather :)

Or even more weird, I checked yesterday morning's weather forecast and it was expecting cold showers but Mick also checked on his end with a couple hours difference and surely enough a completely different weather verdict resulted! So to those days, I say layer! Oh Sydney, we love you..


...Especially if you're working in an office, closed-in and off from the rest of the world from 9 to 5, and the air con is just blasting, a beautiful looking mohair blend jumper is not a bad idea at all. 

Also, I never instinctively thought that these 3 shades of colour would suit very well once layered altogether but, it turned out quite nice I think. Although not typically my first choice in terms of colour palette in my wardrobe, these shades are quite beautiful against paler skin tones and on their own period.



i wore:

deep V jumper: country road

top: veronika maine

pants: veronika maine

loafers: kurt geiger