go bang


Ever since I heard this song from PNAU, I knew I had to use it for the blog. It is such a fun, upbeat song that makes you want to dance every. single. time. you hear it. It also has a bit of that dreamy vibe to it which I thought went along perfectly well with the following imagery. 

Quick Fact: There is SO MUCH talent here in Sydney, and of course the rest of Australia, in terms of musicians. I did not realize until now that 1 out of the 3 members forming PNAU is of Empire of The Sun ... GAH!


I really do feel fortunate to be living in such an amazing place in the world like Sydney. We really do have the best of both worlds in that on one hand, you have the most beautiful beaches (And by beaches I mean there are tons) and there's an incredible city to it. I could not imagine a better place to settle down and live life to its fullest. The place and its people are just beautiful. Every time I go down to Bondi I just can't believe how lucky I am to get to experience such an amazing scenery. To think this has become my home is unreal, to say the least.

Bondi is such a fun, light-spirited place by nature. I feel people's colours come out moreso here than in the city. Less rules, social standards to abide by, freeing, more about being free-spirited and doing you and that's all celebrated in this space. If music is your thing, then park yourself on the beach or not and just play your stuff via the amplifier, or if it's surfing than by all means, or if muscle pumping it is, then you may opt for the outdoor gyms that are so cool here and there at the beach. Whenever I see a gathering of gym rats at these, reminds me of a Sydney version of Muscle Beach, LA. Oh and I cannot forget about those skaters.. I mean afterall, this is what this week's post is all about. Bondi would not be Bondi without its own skatepark and loyal and avid skateboarders. To say the least, we had so much fun shooting this set. I felt so much in my element, of course in my own way. This shoot is so much more me in that it's in nature, at the beach, with my skateboard, surf vibe, music is in the distance wherever you walk, and my fashion is present. But boy was it hot! I think it was one of our most challenging day's out shooting just because it must have been at least 40 degrees that day! (Sweat face emoticon) ..But we had a ball nonetheless.

I'd have to say that these Billabong overalls  are definitely a go-to during these hot blistering summer days for me. I keep having these on rotation in my wardrobe just because they are easy to wear, mix and match different styles of tops with and are weather appropriate for most days. Also, it makes it easier to figure out what to pair with these. It seems just about any sort of top can go well with these overalls. I always love not having to break my head over figuring out what to wear part of an outfit on the more laid-back summer, beach days.


what i wore:

sunnies - vintage

overall - billabong

T - topshop

sneakers - vans

skateboard - banana