last-minute gifting for your man


I've decided to provide a brief list of gift ideas for those of you who are stuck doing some last-minute Christmas shopping. I mean, what could be much worse than needing to Christmas shop in a rush, last-minute? (Just thinking of the hours spent frantically running from store to store, waiting in line-ups, dealing with stressed out/angry fellow customers, etc. Just the thought of it all scares me, to say the least!) That's definitely at the top of my list in terms of worse holiday 'obligations' but, this happens. And this happens to all of us for whatever reasons. Sure eBay shopping is super convenient and avoids you fussing over all of the above mentioned scares but, in this instance, being so late in the month we simply do not have the choice but to go old school shopping in person.

Therefore, I've chosen to list a few items for your man, brother, boyfriend, partner in crime, uncle, whichever manly figure he might be to you, to jog your memory and give you (Hopefully) that ah-ha moment of 'Gee, he could totally use of that!'. Using my own recent Christmas shopping experience for Michael this year, below are a few items he mentioned he wanted and needed most. 


Michael's Christmas Wishlist

All of the above items Michael needed to be renewed or he simply did not own the item in question and had a need for it. For instance, he desperately needed new eyewear as his current pair he has had for years now and not only is it out of style, big time but has quite a bit of wear and tear to them. So a brand new pair of glasses for him was definitely to be put on the list. 

For those of you who are not quite finished with all your shopping, I wish you good luck and think of the above when searching for that last item on your list for your man.