que je t'aime


I read some very sad news today online. (This just came to mind as I finished writing my previous sentence: The Beatles-A Day In The Life). Johnny Hallyday, France's rock and roll 'national hero', has passed away on Saturday after battling lung cancer. Johnny died at age 74. Such a big tribute and funeral ceremony from his beloved french fans took place, in Paris. One million fans showed up to pay tribute while the French president offered some consoling words to the public. 

For those of you who are not very familiar with Johnny Hallyday, here are some quick but impressive facts about the artist. During a career spanning 57 years, he released 79 albums and sold 110 million copies worldwide mainly in the French-speaking world. Making him one of the best-selling artists in France and in the world.

I thought I could somehow pay a tiny tribute of my own to this great musician by showcasing my very favourite of his songs, Que Je T'aime. In French, this means something along the lines of How Much I Love You. This song is a French classic. I grew up on this and other of his famous songs. But particularly Que Je T'aime resonates many emotions in me as I would sing this song on stage for many years when touring around the world. This song was always a hit with the general public. 

I hope you enjoy this song today and have a thought for this great artist who will forever be in our hearts. 


On a different note, let's discuss these looks. 

I have showcased this little black dress in a previous post, on its own. My aim with this post was to showcase 3 different total looks which you can achieve by using the same dress. Given that we do not all hold an endless wardrobe with the possibility of wearing a different dress for every time we had an event or outing to tend to (However that would be totally awesome!), I thought what a great idea would it be to create a post about how to recreate 3 different outfits with the one dress. We can all use a bit of inspiration and ideas every now and then. 

As you can see from my images, the first look we have our black dress which you can easily wear on its own as an outfit. Simply style it with your preferred jewelry and accessories and off you go!

The second look I chose to style our dress with a warm jacket for our chilly evenings out. I tend to be cold when out and about, especially when near the water for dinners with friends. So a jacket such as the black ribbed corduroy is perfect for myself.

Our third and final look has been paired with a beautiful black satin flared sleeve jacket. I can't say enough about this jacket I'm so obsessed with it. It's perfect for that edgy yet classy appeal due to its satin fabric. But has such a fun bomber style to it. I love any type of style contradiction paired together, such as this one.