8 ways to avoid the expat blues this christmas


If you find yourself in a similar predicament as myself and happen to know a thing or two about the holidays blues due to being an expat then, please read on. 

As I've briefly mentioned in past posts, I have chosen to move from my home country Canada to Australia in the recent years. Although I am grateful for the transition and taking in as much as I can of this relatively new culture, it is inevitable for us expats to feel the blues every now and then at various moments throughout the year. But the holidays is a time during which it is almost impossible to not feel some sort of blues. If you happen to be an expat, give me a sign that you're with me on this one!

Below, I have rounded up an easy and short list of things which will aid you in killing these holiday blues and welcome a whole new perspective on living abroad during the festive season.




Here's all you need to do to avoid the blues

  1. Skype regularly with friends and family members
  2. Bake/Cook your own traditional recipes 
  3. Immerse yourself in your better half's family for added love and support. Alternatively if flying solo, get on meetups.com to find your new extended family 
  4. Get acquainted with your new culture's traditional practices during the festive season
  5. Decorate your living space in a way you normally would in your home country 
  6. Listen to your favourite holiday music to bring back that holiday spirit in your life
  7. Get your exercise on-And this can only mean a brief walk on the beach. It will keep your psyche in check
  8. Remember the blues are always temporary. Take things week by week or day by day and keep your diary full of interesting activities

Happy Holidays!