fashion illustration for wall art


If you're like me and are constantly searching for the perfect office wall art, then look no further. I have rounded up an interesting list of top fashion illustrators for your home office. 


This first illustration is by Meagan Morrison . Meagan's official webpage depicts all her latest work including a lifestyle segment to her illustrations which are so beautiful. "Meagan Morrison is a NYC-based, Canadian fashion illustrator, and the creator behind TravelWriteDraw. "'Traveling the world and illustrating the journey through a fashion-art lens'." 


Dallas Shaw is the illustrator behind these marvellous creations above. Her website will provide for background information on the artist but here is an excerpt: "It was only a few short years ago that Dallas Shaw was an aspiring Disney artist who took a sharp turn on her career path, driving full speed and straight toward fashion-industry royalty. Her client list seems almost unreal. She’s THE girl designers, beauty brands and even travel companies call, and call back, to lend drawings and style expertise at the beginning of every important product launch. You could call her the Olivia Pope of the fashion industry." 

The above designs were for Victoria's Secret 2015 and 2016 Fashion Show press book.


Nadia Coolrista is a fashion illustrator based in Russia. Her art is very lifelike and draws to a more natural and simplistic approach. Her blog shows off much more of her work which includes drawings of famed and celebrated individuals.


You may have heard of Jenny M Walton, engaged to Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist. She happens to also be an illustrator and the fashion Director for the website. Known for her ever so elegant sense of style, you'll often see her snapped by her hubby and/or attending some of the most celebrated fashion shows. Consequently, her art is very street style-focused.


I would have to say that Katie Rodgers of Paper Fashion is my favourite illustrator out of all of these incredible artists. I absolutely love that she incorporates various materials to her watercolours such as jewels, paillettes, Swarovski crystals, etc. Her art is so feminine and dreamy, I cannot take my eyes off it. 


Last by not least, the beloved Megan Hess. I familiarized myself once again with the artist at the premiere of Disney's The Beauty and The Beast this past year. Megan teamed up with Disney for the illustration of Belle and it was stunning. Her work has this timeless signature appeal to it and it always is so much fun looking at and enjoying. Megan sells various prints over a number of household items. I love that she sells her prints via her website and already framed, ready to hang on the wall, adding that elegant touch to your home office.