break my stride


This figure-hugging dress is not typically my preferred dress style, unless of course the outing deems it necessary. I always find myself opting for comfortable attire rather than what would 'look' good on or on trend at any given moment. I remember when in my early 20s I would wear what I believed was in style, part of the fast fashion trends, and not worrying so much about whether it was comfortable and felt good on my skin or not. Whereas now, nearly a decade later, I could not care less what people think of my choice of clothing. I will wear what feels comfortable to move in and what fabrics feel best on my skin. It's a complete 180 shift of mentality and choice. What has remained however is my ever growing sense of style and wanting to be continuously creative in what I pair up together. So, here is another outfit post with this mustard yellow dress for which I would have not ordinarily worn but turned out not too bad.  


About this song choice, have you heard of break my stride before? I feel it's another classic on which I grew up on and because of this I have a soft spot for it. Every time I hear this song it just brings a smile to my face and feel like dancing. Growing up, my parents would always have music in the house playing and would randomly start dancing together in front of my brother and I. So many of the 80s classics, even going further in time to the 50s would constantly be playing in our home and so many of these older generation songs I feel apart of as we grew up on them. I was not planning on pairing break my stride with this outfit initially, but couldn't help myself when I heard it play while writing this post, as it brought so many nice memories. 

 On a side note, I'd imagine this dress would better suit someone with a darker complexion, making its yellow shade pop a little more. 

what i wore:
dress: nude lucy 

boots: midas

denim: Levi's