baby i don't care


Hi Lovelies, 

I hope you've all had a beautiful weekend and are going headstrong onto this new week ahead.

I overheard this song over the radio the other day and liked that 80s vibe to it. I thought it represented me and would fit in well with the website. I don't believe I had heard it before or at least don't remember having had before. It's a catchy and fun song to have playing in the background. 

Don't forget to click that title song link above, before starting to view my images :)



I've previously used this dress in this post. This time, I've chosen to provide you with an alternative option for re-using this same dress and long sleeve top together. I am definitely not opposed to re-using the same clothes over and over again. I mean, would I prefer having the opportunities to wear brand new, different clothes every single day? Sure. Is that realistic or environmentally friendly? Hell, no. So, we do with what we have and what we should in being conscientious. 

I've found this beautiful quality tight knit jacket and though it paired perfectly well with the remaining outfit. The fabric and its turquoise colour blended well enough with the dress and long sleeve. 

Many a time I will find myself using the same clothing item(s) from my wardrobe even though I have SO MUCH clothes. (It's become a bit of a joke over the years within the family) Out of convenience and/or lack of inspiration, especially when in a rush to head out. Who is feeling me on this? However, it is always a good idea and easy enough to simply throw on a different jacket or jumper over an already worn outfit to make your entire look different and uplifted. Here's what I've done with this look above to change it up a little bit.