home decor wish list


As you would have made the connection by now, I have a deep passion for all things beautiful and interesting to the eye. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that my love for home decor runs strong. Mick and I have been living in our current home situation for roughly 1 1/2 years now and I am still in the process of styling the place. Ridiculous, right! It has definitely been taking longer than I had ever anticipated. Why, you may think? Truthfully, at the very beginning I had fully intended of styling it as quickly as possible and getting it all done and sorted. However, life gets in the way and before you know it, these styling plans are put on a waiting list. Just a simple turn of events can throw all of your so-called plans out of whack when your home styling is only 1/3 complete and finds itself remaining that way for months to come... You know the "life drill"! Essentially, that's what happened in my case. So now that I have somehow managed to regain the motivation to further complete this home styling, I cannot wait to share my must-have items to finally shape our home into a beautiful and personalized nook for our little family. 


First on the list is this elegant Marion Wingback Armchair from Brosa.com.au, which retails for $799.00. You may alternatively view a list of all their different styles of armchairs here. I am so in love with the romantic look of the French Provincial style. Literally any furniture piece of this kind I will try to get my hands on for our home. Seen as my furniture is already of a French Provincial style, such as my vanity/beauty corner and office space and lounge area, I thought best to remain consistent with the styling of it all and keep it flowing with this style of armchair from Brosa. I have been wanting to replace my current office chair for the one above for some time now. So this beautiful Wingback Armchair is definitely staying on my list until I get to replace it as my new office chair. And I have just the perfect oversized dark navy mohair cushion to go with it.



At the moment, we have no bed head nor frame for our mattress. I purchased a modern looking bed base from Ikea a few months ago just to have our mattress higher up from the ground and yet not have a cumbersome bed base which might not suit with the later furniture and decor of the bedroom. I purposely chose an "incognito" looking bed base (And I say "incognito" simply because it barely shows underneath the comforter on all sides) which is simple in style and can go along with any other style should I choose to later change the decor and/or colour in the bedroom. I have been thinking of taking advantage of the simplicity of our bed situation to add a gorgeous and in-your-face type bed head. I thought this Anica Queen Size Bed Head above is just perfect in terms of style and conveys exactly what I want my bedroom to look like. This one retails for $679.00 online. It also comes in a variety of different shades. I am not yet sure however whether I will go for a Classic Cream colour or an Ocean Blue colour, in velvet. You may alternatively view a list of all their different styles of bed heads here


Given we have an indoor balcony type space, we have quite a substantial amount of tiled flooring in one area. I have been wanting to add a beautiful rug covering the majority of this tiled space. I love how rugs can magically transform a given space and/or room and make it feel so much more homely and welcoming. I found this website recently from surfing the web and really love their offerings. Aurugs.com offers any style and size of rug possible. It's insane! And it is exactly what I have been needing right now in my life. Because, to be honest, I find it a tad difficult to shop for the perfect rug at an affordable price. It is all too common to find either very expensive rug and carpet shops and then the other end of the spectrum, very low priced not so great quality rugs. An in-between retailer is not easy to find. So I'm really glad I stumbled upon this website. My favourite feature is how they match any shape and size of rug to an already chosen rug you have selected. They will manufacture a matching set. So smart! It makes it so much easier to be able to shop all your home rugs at the one place and not go search 2, 3 different shops for them all. I'll finally be able to match my runner to my rectangular shaped rug. You may alternatively view a list of all their different styles and sizes of rugs here


Finally, I have been thinking on and off about this item. Of course I am totally in love with this piece because it is utterly romantic but when not absolutely necessary, it can quickly become superfluous and cumbersome. Given we have recently adopted our kittens Xena and Zeus, I had to think of an original way to hide the kitty's corner and all their necessities from the lounge area. This hand carved wooden divider seems to be just the item which can do this whilst looking the part and blending in well with the rest of the home decor. I have not yet found a retailer both online and a physical store for this wooden piece. I have yet to keep searching. Always open to suggestions should any of you know where I could find something like this. I think this room divider is simply stunning with its hand carved intricacies and just really add so much style to a home. 

There is still so much more I have in mind that I would like to add to our home but am not completely settled on all the needed items so it is definitely still a work in progress. I must add wall art in our bedroom and in the lounge area. I'm thinking of creating a separate blog post once the home is finished to show you all what the result has been.