Billy Joel. As far as I'm concerned, oh! and I'm convinced many more apart from myself, any song or composition from this exceptional artist is simply divine. Take Honesty for instance, although this song might seem a tad more on the sad side due to its lyrics and tonalities, it is SUCH a great song nonetheless and does not at all feel heavy or sad to me whenever I hear it. The melody is just so catchy, as all of his other songs are. I honestly cannot think of a single song of Billy Joel's for which I do not particularly take to. They really are all absolutely amazing. 


This belted cardigan from Country Road is everything you need. When I first tried it on I could not believe how stretchy it was ..No wonder I kept playing around with the sleeve length! On a serious note, although we are in the Spring season, there are definitely still some very chilly evenings every now and then when out and about in the city. And this is always a great piece to own in your wardrobe as a fit-all type garment. This cardigan is so easily worn with so many different types of outfits that it really is your staple item to your closet to keep you warm in the evenings. The knitwear is of a teal colour as it is a mixture of a blue-green colour which is great for pairing with different colours in your look. My favourite aspect of this cardigan I'd have to say is the belt which is hidden on the inside of the cardigan's waist. Meaning, you may use it as an original styling tip or you may not use it and have it not show as it remains on the inside of the cardigan. It is a great feature which is purely practical. And I have never noticed any great cardigans out there which offer this component to cinch the waist by means of this integrated belt; It just makes the whole look all the more unique. 


i wore:

belted cardigan: country road

top: veronika maine

pants: veronika maine

loafers: kurt geiger