nail your coffee table styling


When it comes to home decor, it can be easily overwhelming and challenging to undertake such a task in any home setting. Whether it be a living room, a study, or an entire home that needs decorating, it's always nice to have some handy tips and tricks as to how to go about the styling of your desired space. 

Did you know there is actually a "science" behind styling your home? I certainly did not until recently. Upon learning of this fabulous and simple method of styling, I though I had to share it with you. Not only does it simplify home décor tenfold, but it assures a beautiful and organized styling to any given room.

I have chosen to tackle one furniture piece which is crucial to any living space and most of us can relate to in terms of needing to style. The coffee table. Most of us have a coffee table in our living rooms and it is such a key element to any living room space for which most of us can easily relate to in terms of needing to style with the remainder of our home. I also believe the coffee table to be an easy example to depict how to apply this simple "science" of styling, which can later be applied to other furniture pieces in the home. This so-called "science" is called the Rule of Three. I have recently applied the Rule of Three to my own coffee table and it has changed my entire living room space for the better and given it a more sophisticated appeal. 


How To Style Your Coffee Table Using The Rule Of Three

This Rule of Three is quite simple. As its title, the Rule of Three essentially means to style in clusters of three elements. Reason being is that information and objects which appear in threes have proven to be more appealing, memorable and effective than any other number of objects. For instance, provided we are using the coffee table as our prime example of styling, styling it by organizing three main clusters of objects is the way to go for optimal style. It does not matter how many individual items/objects you may count within one cluster, so long as you have three main clusters/groupings of objects on your coffee table. Therefore, whether you choose to merely add three single items in three distinct clusters on your table or ten objects in three clusters, it all abides by the Rule of Three. This is the great thing about this rule, you can personalize your way into abiding by the rule to make your space your own.

Take the image above as a means of depicting what I have just attempted to explained.


How To Style A Decorative Tray

In this section, I give you a few handy tips on how to aid you in the styling of your coffee table. Using a decorative tray is a great way to ground several little items you would like included on your table without it seeming all too cluttering. The decorative tray will keep everything together in one place and give it that visual order to it all. Not only this but trays make it all the more easier to move all these objects together in one place should you need the additional space for snacks, or an impromptu game of cards with friends.

Here are 4 handy tips on styling your tray:

1. Elevate an interesting object with a stack of books

2. Add a living component, such as fresh flowers, to your tray

3. Use the Rule of Three, discussed above, within your decorative tray

4. Have fun with the styling by using variation in textures and finishes of your objects

I hope this has helped you and provided a little bit of insight for your own home decor styling and that you have enjoyed all the handy tips.