faded heart


How cool is this song, but how cooler is the video clip! It's one of those songs that, in my mind, you can't possibly not enjoy in some way or another. 

Here are a couple of cool facts about the singer behind this addictive song: 

1. At the age of 10, he was a professional magician going by the name of "Garrett the Great".

2. After Børns wore a Gucci-inspired outfit on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Gucci took notice of the singer, and the two have since formed a partnership.

Enjoy the listen!


Not gonna lie, this outfit is not typically a look I would wear. However, once I had put it all together and was moving freely in it, it was the most comfortable thing. What I love most in terms of wearability is this shirt dress by Faithfull The Brand. You could easily wear it on its own as a dress or such as I have here above, with a pair of nice trousers. It's just so easy to wear. And what I love most in terms of comfort would have to be this luxurious sleek knit by Trenery. The way it felt on my skin was like butter! ..No joke. It is SO soft and of great quality I have to say. You can easily turn an casual day outfit into a luxurious outfit by throwing on this knit over your shoulders. Pair it with a dark pair of blue jeans and there you have it. 

I hope you've enjoyed this latest song by BORNS.


what i wore

cardigan: trenery

top: faithfull the brand

pants: veronika maine

heels: franco sarto