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Dexy's Midnight Runners - Come On Eileen

This one is a classic. And a classic I just had to have apart of my fashion x music posts as it is one of my favourites. I can't help myself to dance every time I hear it. I grew up on this good stuff :) And for some reason I had never actually seen the music video nor knew much about the artists behind the song. And after seeing what has been yet only a handful of various interviews, videos of Dexy, I am absolutely and positively stunned by their avant-garde and anti conforming sense of fashion. Even today, singer Kevin Rowland has such an outstanding and versatile style that I am consumed in viewing image after image of him in various outfits. There was nothing like the Dexy's Midnight Runners in their time, they were so unique. God I love this song and their artists! 


I am so excited for this particular post and I'm particularly glad to be sharing details of the elegant Carla Cardholder with you all. I recently found out that X NIHILO has come out with a small leather goods range and it is absolutely extra, you guys! If you have not yet heard of this Melbourne based luxury brand then head on to their webpage and get yourself familiar as I have no doubt X NIHILO will soon be a staple name in the industry. Their handbags and accessories are loved and worn by top fashion bloggers and there's great reason for it.  


The Carla Cardholder comes in a beautiful pink shade, as seen above. I love the quality of the leather as it is thick, supple and has a grainy, textured finish to it. I particularly like this finish as I will be able to allow more use from it as opposed to a smooth finish which is more prone to scratches and what not. Attention to detail is also definitely on the checklist when it comes to this brand and this is something you will notice when owning one of their items. For instance, the brand's name is printed in metallic gold on the inside of the cardholder. Not to mention the dainty stainless steel gold X representing the brand's logo on the forefront of the cardholder. And I absolutely love all of these minute details as it makes for a more sophisticated aesthetic for any given accessory. I am so glad I got my hands on this pretty cardholder as I was just in need of a new cardholder to insert my business cards in. The Carla has a dual pocket on the inside which allows for a greater amount of cards to be placed inside. This must-have accessory is convenient and absolutely beautiful. Who could ask for more?

Here is a link to where you may purchase your very own Carla Cardholder, in Pink.

I feel I could go on and on about this brand as I feel they have grasped and managed to create a range of luxury goods which truly define timeless pieces yet with a modern twist to them. By doing so, X NIHILO manages to make these products all the more relevant for the women of today. Oh, and have I mentioned my favourite part in all of this? X NIHILO is actually PETA approved! How amazing is this. More than ever, we need a greater deal of responsible and environmentally friendly brands. I'm such a fan of this brand and have no doubt that the Carla Cardholder is only the beginning to a promising X NIHILO collection on my part. 

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