what your jewellery says about you


Same as your clothes, jewellery is an expression of our personality, and how we carry ourselves. It’s the perfect little touch of sparkle that brightens our complexion, complements our outfit, and shows off our sense of style. Of course, different jewellery means different things, and we all tend to have certain preferences when it comes to size, shape and colour. So, what do our earrings say about us? Does our ring change someone’s perception about us? And what can you learn about other people by observing what they wear? Here we offer some insight.


Big, colourful necklaces

You must be a really good friend. People who favour big necklaces with a lot of colourful pieces are fun, bright and like to joke around and keep bringing smiles to everyone’s faces. You have a bubbly personality that lights up the room.


Simple rings

You like simplicity and you’re a very elegant, rational person. If you choose just a thin band of metal or wood, you’re laid back and hate drama, and if you pick something with a gemstone, then you like classic beauty, a subdued kind of style that’s very subtle at first, but tends to be very memorable to people.



You’re an edgy girl, a rebel who loves to wear rocker chic and does her own thing regardless of what anyone says about it. You’re full of style, the kind of effortlessly chic fashion that looks seductive and makes people pay attention to you.


Diamond jewellery


Diamonds have always meant love. Just take a look at the tradition of proposing to women with beautiful diamond engagement rings, and you’ll understand how meaningful they are, how essential to our culture. They mean ambition, they mean intensity. Don’t settle for less. You’re good, and you know it, and people around you are enchanted by your confidence.



You like to tell a story through your jewellery. You like symbols, and you’ll wear what you love and believe in around your neck. Whether it’s something related to spirituality or a small heart-shaped pendant with the picture of someone you love inside, you’re a loyal, curious person who always fights for what they believe in.


Beaded bracelets

Quirky, sweet, and very kind, you’re someone with a good heart who’s maybe a little shy. If you choose bracelets with zodiac crystals or something similar, it’s possible you’re spiritual and like a little dose of mysticism in your life.


Crystal studded belts

Boho-chic is your trademark and you pull off that romantic look like no one else. You like colour, and you hate it when things get boring and when people bring negative energy into the room. Crystal studded belts are really fun to wear and can be the perfect centrepiece to your outfit, that really shows off that love of life and energy that you possess.


Matching jewellery

If you match your jewellery to your clothes carefully, you’re a very sophisticated person who pays attention to details. You’re organized, neat and really hardworking, and you have an aura of elegance about you that makes you look both competent and beautiful.


Big earrings


You’re gorgeous and glamorous and you know fashion like no one else. You don’t like to be quiet, and if something’s on your mind, you’ll let people know. You’re honest and like being the centre of attention.


Inspirational jewellery

You’ll match your jewellery to your mood, and you’ll use it to wear your heart on your sleeve. You are truthful and just, and you hate deception and people who try to bring you down. You’re a brave person, and your jewellery matches the fire in your eyes.


Jewellery is more than an ornament, it’s something we pick carefully and wearing it makes us feel more like ourselves. Whenever you get a new piece, make sure it reflects you, and wear it proudly.