I've recently heard of Tash Sultana over the radio and found myself wanting to discover her music. I'm not sure what is more infectious when watching/listening to her perform.. Whether it is how intensely immersed in her own bubble whilst playing or just how addictive her stuff actually is. Tash is uber talented, it's pretty amazing. Her story is pretty interesting too about how she came to need music in her life. 

On a side note, it's been ages since I last attended a live music festival or show outdoors. Am so glad the warm weather has finally arrived and will perhaps be welcoming more outdoor music festivities and what not. Have you guys been to any lately? If so, which is your favourite music festival to attend?

I've paired this long sleeve with this body hugging dress to downplay the dress a tad bit. Giving the whole look a bit more of a casual vibe with the biker boots. You could easily wear the dress on its own for an evening out with a pair of matching heels or flats but this look did it for me. I just love the army green colour of both items. I feel it is such a great trans-seasonal colour to wear which can easily suit the colder months and warmer climate just the same. 

I hope you enjoyed Tash's music while viewing my images, and here is a link to more of where that came from :)