why this homeware line is everything


Here, we uncover the sought after line of homeware must-haves by Morgan & Finch. Since my discovering of the Morgan & Finch homeware brand, I have not been able to stop collecting every item part of their Lumière Tropical Crush home collection. 


All of their Lumière Tropical Crush products come in a beautiful flamingo print packaging. Bright pink, red and blue colours make for vibrant and eye-catching must-haves. The Tropical Crush scent is a scent with which I am so obsessed with, I do not think I have ever smelled such a unique and tropical scent before. Its scent is quite difficult to put into words. But I would have to describe it as a citrus-like scent, very much so. The smell also brings me back to a beach, along the ocean with an abundance of fresh citrus fruit and coconut in sight. Very beachy, tropical, vacation vibes. I simply cannot get enough of it all. At the moment, I am using the diffusers and scented candle at home. Their scent is quite strong and really adds that great fragrance in the household. However, I do suggest using the diffusers in a relatively small room or space in order to properly make use of the product. If placed in an open space which is too widespread, odds are the products will not propagate the scent as well. 


Part of the Morgan & Finch line is bedding and apparel. I have personally purchased the set of bed sheets along with the pyjamas and slippers set. Although I must mention that the linen set is of flannelette which I had purchased for this past winter. There is an entire range of summer items available in store. Bed Bath N' Table is a location where you may find the Morgan & Finch collections of homewares, bed and apparel. This is where I have found all my products of theirs. You may also visit their online store to purchase your desired items. The flamingo print, which has been quite successful since its launch, is available in a variety of items. Such as beach towels, tea towels, laminated tote bags for the beach, pool side mats, decorative pillows, quilt cover sets, bathrobes, etc. 

Also, the pyjama set is also made of flannelette which I had purchased for this past winter to keep me warm at night. It is quite warm and really soft to the touch, I'd recommend this set to anyone looking for new pyjamas for the upcoming winter as it also has such a gorgeous print to it with the bright pink and red flamingos. Seen as it is almost summer and the temperature has drastically increased, the brand has a summer option available as a shorts pyjamas set with the famous flamingo print on the shorts.