mercedes benz fashion week australia resort 18


This year was a first for me in terms of attending the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia. Reason being is that Michael and I have recently moved to Sydney, making it possible for myself to attend the event for a first time. I was fortunate to be invited by a selected number of designers given my line of work as a fashion stylist. 

It's always nice for me to be attending such events for networking purposes, promoting my website plus, I always end up making cool new friendships along the way which is super nice. 

I was pleasantly impressed by the originality and eye-catching designs of some of the emerging talents of The Innovators. It's always promising and refreshing to witness new talent with an already distinct vision and identity to their creations. Of all the shows I've attended I noticed several commonalities in terms of trends being presented on the runways. One of these is embellishments. And embellishments of all types such as beads, plastics, embroidery. You may witness this by the above images. Another is the feminine aesthetic present in fabric type such as organza and silk. A feminine aesthetic is also present through sheer, free-flowing fabrics. A personal favourite of mine of The Innovators show would have to be EWOL only because it related moreso to the sense of escapism which fashion represents so well and the more fantasyland-like, the better. The glitter, colour pops, shapes were all too pleasing to the eye. 

Another show which I was so pleased with attending is Mariam Seddiq. Her designs never fail to impress and flatter women in every perfect way. Clean lines, minimalistic designs, perfect hint of embellished jewelry all seem to translate into a muse which claims to be Confidently Sexy. Each piece is so flattering to the eye and always succeeds in consistently representing the brand. My favourite, if I had to choose!: The jumpsuits.

So many more interesting designs have been brought forth on the runways this past week whether by emerging talent or staple Australian names which have allowed for an unforgettable fashion week, in my opinion. 




Image credits are of Getty Images and my own.