heart-shaped box


Nirvana - Heart-Shaped Box

Hi guys,

I thought this look was just really fun to pair up and I incorporated a couple of new items from Topshop's latest collection (Lilac satin Bomber + Lilac mesh T). Given it is definitely getting colder here, adding my sky blue leg warmers to my favourite BONDS sweatpants just seems completely normal to me although, I am well aware that to some it might not :P I suppose it is my Canadian side, from the apparel standpoint, coming into play in this warmer climate :)

I am not familiar with ALL of Nirvana's songs, to be totally honest, but always find myself enjoying most of what they come up with. And I doubt I am the only one based on their following. And this song was another one of theirs which I particularly liked and just made sense when going over my above images for this post.

There are times where a total concept and mood will come to mind which includes the song choice AND total look with location of shoot for my fashion X music thread. But there are other moments where say only a given song I'm really found of will trigger me wanting to create a blog post around and/or only the outfit will be of inspiration. In the latter, I will then try my best to complete the original mood and inspiration by finding the appropriate song or missing link to go with it all.

In getting back to what I was saying earlier, I was after a particular song choice which could tie in well enough with the location of this shoot. Something a bit more grunge, coarse, raw, dark. Yet, with a romantic meaning behind the lyrics as to tie in with the romantic fabric choices such as mesh and satin in my look which represent the softer side to my styling. 

Hope you enjoy it,


Mesh T - Topshop

Bralette - BONDS

Satin Bomber - Topshop

Oh-so-comfy Sweatpants - BONDS

Leg Warmers - Simons

Pink Slides - UGG