a tale as old as time - the premiere


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Hi Lovelies, 

I just have to share my magical experience with you all of Sydney's premiere of Disney's Beauty And The Beast. It was beyond magical and I felt like I was in a fairytale dream for which I never wanted to wake up from. First things first, let's talk about the venue. The premiere was at the Sydney State Theatre, on Market St. I had not yet attended any show/performance at this venue and one of the major reasons I simply could not miss out on this opportunity was because I had been wanting to witness the interior of the theatre and its magnificent architecture. It was well worth attending and I would recommend to anyone remotely interested in the arts and entertainment to go to any show held at this theatre. 

Below are some images of the inside of this stunning theatre. 


Michael decided to tag along to keep me company. And of course I had to take a couple of snaps with the props and entrance red carpet backdrop. That backdrop was stunning in person! There was a collaboration made with Swarovski (Of course, because the whole ordeal was not fairytale-like enough already!) where hundreds of crystals were added onto the Beauty and the Beast logo of the red carpet backdrop. You will see from the below images.


A few attentions were brought about pre and post-screening, in the event of the premiere, specific to the Sydney audience which I did not expect. These made for a unique and unforgettable experience overall. Before the screening Emma Watson, who plays Belle, gave a personalized message to the audience prior to watching the movie. After the viewing, we were handed the Australian Souvenir Programme which contains added details, pictures of the behind the scenes along with cast and crew members descriptions. These were minute details but overall served for a very well presentation and made for a magical evening. I highly recommend going to see this movie as it well portrayed its animated 1991 version and much more. Yet, this live-action movie could not be more relevant to today and more than well translated all the emotions and lessons this film was to bring forth to its viewers. One key component to this epic film in my opinion is its music. Written and composed by Tim Rice and Alan Menken, the genius collaboration which typically comes about with both artists is like no other. Their music allows us to travel in space and time but more importantly gives us the power to dream. Bursts of emotions come to us, at least to me, when listening to their music in this film. Without the music, this film could never be what it has always been known to do to its audience. In other words, it would certainly not be as powerful. Words cannot begin to describe or express what I feel when I listen to their music. Flashbacks to my most happy childhood days to sheer happiness invade my soul. As tacky as it sounds, it truly is how I feel when listening to such powerful artistry. Combined with this incredible movie provides you with the romantic fairytale-like experience we all secretly, deeply would like to believe in for ourselves. I could go on and on just writing about the genius behind the musical composition of this film but I'd probably loose a few readers. So, I'll end this here. 

Here is a link to purchasing your very own tickets to the latest events, at the State Theatre:

Sydney's State Theatre

Alternatively, you may purchase your Beauty And The Beast tickets now at your local Event Cinemas:

Beauty And The Beast Tickets

Hope you've enjoyed/or will enjoy this movie just as much as I have,