NARS pure matte lipstick review


I've decided to make a quick review of my very favourite lip product at the moment. The NARS Pure Matte lipstick in the shade of Bangkok. 

This product is amazing and I'll tell you why. It is perfectly wearable for both during the day and evening as it has a natural pigmentation to it. If I had to describe its colour, I'd say that the Bangkok tint is most similar to a vintage rose colour. It really uplifts your natural lip colour to that 3.0 version of your natural lips. It also has very subtle sparkles and a shimmer to its pigmentation which gives the lips a subtle shimmer and highlighting effect to them. Its shimmer effect enables you to pull this lipstick off during the night time and makes it the perfect lip product to wear for any occasion, really. This Pure Matte lipstick is so smooth and creamy which keeps your lips very hydrated for the entire duration of its application. And what's great about the lipstick is that I found it remains on your lips for a very long time before needing a second application. It is highly durable. I typically do not need to retouch it after an entire day's worth of wear. I'll have had lunch, drank water and all of the above during a given day and it still is left intact. It is amazing! I cannot say all of the above is true of all lipsticks I have worn in the past, irrespective of their brand. Lastly, this NARS lipstick is so pigmented, it's crazy. One generous coat on both upper and lower lips and I am good to go for my entire day. No need to apply and re-apply several swabs of it as its rich pigmentation does the job for you.

Althought this product is a tad on the pricey side, I do believe it is a quality purchase and highly reccommend it to anyone looking for that next all-purpose lipstick. 

I've recently filmed a makeup tutorial including this NARS lipstick product in my video. I suggest you watch it if you would like a better idea of the look of it on the lips with a total makeup look. Here is the link to my Youtube makeup tutorial: Video

I hope you enjoy it just as much as I do :)


NARS Pure Matte lipstick in Bangkok shade - Where to purchase