vaniday - beauty booking


Hello Lovelies,

I would love to share with you all a recent discovery that I have experienced and oh-so relished its much-anticipated benefits. 

I am referring to Vaniday. If you have not yet heard of it, do yourself a favour and check it out! Gone are the days when we need to sift through hundreds of different local beauty service businesses to find the most appealing salon or wellness centre. And if that's not enough of a problem on its own, we then need to worry about whether the salon is close enough to our location, and if they have any availability. And if you're really lucky, you might just get to add yourself onto a cancellation list !

Well, not to worry ! Vaniday avoids all the fuss and frustration by making such conventional bookings. Vaniday also has an App which helps you in every step of the way when booking your very own beauty treatment. You can finally say "so long" to those annoying booking rituals and "hello" to the hassle-free, simple booking of your unique beauty and wellness experience !

Vaniday has several different beauty and wellness services, including spa services . You can choose from a range of hair, nails, spa wellness packages and much more. Once you've chosen your desired and/or needed treatment at your preferred local centre, you may simply book through their webpage or the Vaniday - Beauty Booking App which is free and available on Android and iOS devices. Simply confirm your preferred time and date and voilà ! All done ! By entering your postcode, Vaniday will automatically list all businesses offering your desired treatment nearest to your location. No need to worry about the availability of the service provided as it will only list those times and dates available for your selection. And as though this cannot sound any better, Vaniday will send you a personal booking confirmation reminder to your email account prior to your appointment. The App also allows you to select your very own beauty expert who will provide your requested service. The App provides a visual mapping with the exact location of the salon in question which makes it even easier for you to locate. 

Using the Vaniday - Beauty Booking App allows you to book step by step and the entire process can be completed in just two minutes !

I, myself, have booked through the App for a body exfoliating massage treatment called the Tranquil Body Rice Exfoliation at Varda Spa. I must admit the entire process from booking to undergoing the treatment was very simple and straightforward. Just a few taps of the finger and I was off to my very own wellness treatment. Which ultimately, is really what we are after when seeking these types of services. The last thing we need is to be bothered with scheduling difficulties and lengthy processes. All in all, the entire experience from booking to undergoing the treatment would have taken me no more than just a couple of days. The treatment was fabulous and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. 

I highly suggest using Vaniday for all of your beauty necessities. Not only will it enable you to book with peace of mind in just a few clicks or finger taps, but it will take much less time than it would normally when you book your appointments the old-fashioned way !