I have to talk about the song choice. A few years ago, I was introduced to a documentary, called Blackfish, by Gabriela Cowperthwaite. It changed my outlook on many things and shed so much light on what has been happening for many years now with generations of orcas from all around the world and their captivity for multibillion dollar businesses, such as SeaWorld Entertainment. It is such an eye opener, so much so that it entirely changed my outlook on sea mammals in a general way. 

FYI. If these documentaries, within the animal rights department interest you, I urge you to also watch The Cove, with activist Ric O'Barry. This documentary has had an even greater impact on my life and will forever change my perceptions on animal captivity and the importance to nurture and respect all forms of life. This documentary is an entire different topic in its own for which I will very likely be dedicating another post about in the near future. Enough said on The Cove. But, again, I do urge you to watch it ...Such a great way to educate ourselves on what is happening in the world and how we may all take part in fighting for what is right.

Back on Blackfish now. The song choice is the theme song part of the documentary's soundtrack, composed by Jeff Beal, a fantastic artist. I have been playing this track on repeat for some time now just because it manages to rehash so many emotions and remember the beautiful orcas from Blackfish. Skip to 3:15 seconds of this song and this is my absolute favourite part of it all. There is something truly magical about this sequence which I cannot put into words. It makes me feel something so grand, pure. Michael and I had stumbled upon the cutest French Cafe in Mosman, with such a breathtaking view on the ocean. I though it was perfect to do this shoot and I think the scenery and back drop turned out gorgeous.

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