the dock of the bay


Hey there, 

I heard this song over the radio while driving the other day and it just gave me the urge to make a post about it. I always loved this song SO much! I had discovered this little footpath along the river near our home and thought it could be cute for the shoot. I found this denim fishing vest at a local vintage boutique and thought it looked so interesting and immediately started pairing it in my mind with different items I had at home to make up an original look. I thought it could be such a stand out type piece that I had to get it. By the same token, I then found this vintage 'Italy' T-shirt, and I thought pairing them both together could be cool/different. Looking through these images, I feel I did not give my fishing vest much justice in its appeal, so you might just find another post with me sporting this vest at some point just make it stand out a bit more. I ended up cutting off the sleeves of this white vintage T-shirt a little later on to change it into a sleeveless top for another outfit I was wearing at the time. Also, I just got ahold of this vintage style Levi's oversized denim jacket and I've been wanting to cover it with iron on patches. Been wanting to do this for some time now. I know this trend is of yesterday's, but I'm obsessed with needing to personalize everything I own. So, you can imagine when it has to do with all things fashion, right.. Will try and get this done shortly to later blog about it. I have yet been trying to get around finding time to doing it! I apologize for the inconsistency in picture finishes, I'm still working on learning how to properly use my new camera and then work with postproduction. So, I'm afraid my images will be a little all over the place for a while until I slowly get better at it all. Hope you enjoy nonetheless :)


Eyewear - Ray-Ban

Denim jacket - Cotton On

T-Shirt - Vintage

Jeans - Cotton On

Shoes - Superga

Handbag - Furla